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Shure SRH840 Studio Headphones

  1. shaun_g
    Shure SRH840, SRH440 & SRH220 Reference Studio Headphones


    Shure have launched a new range of reference quality studio headphones that have already been getting lot of interest ever since the pricing was leaked at the Head-Fi forums.

    Full size studio headphones are a new area for Shure, as they are known best for their earphones for portable iPod use. The first user reviews are very positive and suggest that the Shure SRH840 sound like a 'Shure SE530 with sparklier treble', which is only be a good thing.

    The lucky people who managed to get their hands on samples of the Shure SRH840 have commented on the big soundstage, which is an unusual characteristic of a closed back design. Read this review of the Shure SRH840 by a seasoned Head-fi member.

    We're really excited about the Shure headphone range and are really keen to get our hands on the first batch in the to give them a full review.

    More Information

    For more information on the full range of Shure headphones and many other studio headphones please visit the HiFi Headphones online shop.


    Shure SRH440 Headphones
    Eh... Hey where did the SRH750 come from? I haven't heard anything about it yet?
  3. shaun_g
    Yes, we found about this one by accident. Information is sketchy at the moment and we've been asked by Shure to remove the product page we have put online [​IMG]
  4. vkvedam
  5. spookygonk
    Ouch, that's a considerable increase on iHeadphones price.
  6. Ishcabible

    Originally Posted by chronocommando /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    These are very good head phones, Bass is very good [​IMG]

  7. labrat
  8. Ishcabible
    His signature was full of ads.
  9. vkvedam
    Hi Shaun

    Do you have the replacement cables in stock yet?

    Best Regards

  10. C.L
    how much is it?
  11. lilkoolaidman
    if people are still reading this thread, Hows the overall sound (especially the bass)? Like, is it similar to Shure's IEMs? Or is it "bigger" sounding.
  12. MightyJordan

    Originally Posted by lilkoolaidman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    if people are still reading this thread, Hows the overall sound (especially the bass)? Like, is it similar to Shure's IEMs? Or is it "bigger" sounding.

    Hi there. I'm curious about the 440 and the 840, but I do own the 240, and I can comment that they sound brilliant! The bass is a bit low for some people's taste (it sort of feels like it's there, but it doesn't feel like it's caving your head in), but it keeps the overall sound balanced.

    They're also very good at isolating sound, but in the unlikely case you still need the volume turned all the way up, it won't disappoint.

    The area it will disappoint though is build quality, mostly, the cable.

    My fourth pair of 240s went faulty last week. The first pair were faulty on arrival due to a bent jack plug, but on every other one, after roughly three months of usage, the sound completely goes on one side. If you move the cable into a very specific position, you can just momentarily get complete sound back, but you'd have to stay still like a statue.

    I'm sending them back today for an exchange, as I've got some money to spend a little bit extra on a better pair of headphones this time, but I haven't decided what to get yet.

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