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Shure SRH840: Hey Canadian HeadFiers...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by palpatine, Dec 5, 2009.
  1. Palpatine
    You can pick up these cans in many places in the States for the suggested $199.99 . In fact you can get these from J & R for $150 if you phone and request a better price. Problem is that you are still paying a fair bit for shipping.
    Most places on ebay sell them for around $200 US plus shipping...the cheapest I saw was for $199 and that included shipping...around $209 Canadian.
    I went to Future Shop today and brought a print out from J& R quoting the $200 suggested price. On it I wrote in pen, phone-in price was $150, and $40 for shipping. I asked the guy that came up to me if I could get these phones that were on for $250 Canadian at Future Shop for $200 plus tax. He went to his computer, came back and said sure (Shure!) ...no problem.
    Now these cans may have gone on sale at Future Shop anway, but I was happy to get a deal, and keep my business local. These are awesome cans... worth far more than $200 to me.
  2. Ntropic
    And I know the SRH440s sell for $100 in-store, no sale or anything. I don't think that price has changed.

    If you want the 840 pads, they're $20USD from Headphone Solutions. You'd have to ask about shipping; I don't think some pads are worth the $30 for shipping that Headphone Solutions charges minimum, internationally.
  3. archimeaties
    The SRH440 are showing $120 on Future Shop's website. The other option is Mostly Digital who has them for $90 (without shipping, and currently out of stock...)

    Looks like I'll be getting them as my own threads don't attract much attention [​IMG]

    Think I could get the same sort of price match?
  4. zeromacro
  5. Palpatine
    Hey...nice find...thanks for the link

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