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Jan 29, 2013
Today i'll be reviewing the Shure SRH750DJ headphones :)
I got them for 80 used at a local guitar shop.
I am using a Sony receiver and a Sony Walkman NWZ - Series.
All FLACs and high quality MP3s. 
So lets get started.
Build, Comfort and style:
The overall build of these cans are 5/10 for the following reasons.
- They make a creaking noise when you move the cup around
- They are prone to scratching and chips
- The headband doesn't extend very far.
Their comfort is a 4/10 for the following reasons
- The headband hurts on the top of your head
- The pads push on my ears and they get sore after 1-2 hours
-They get hot due to the leatherette pads but can be fixed by getting velvour pads.
 The style for me is 7/10 :)
I would like if they came in black or white, not a big fan of gold.
Isolation and Accessories (Very unrelated, felt like they need a separate section)
The isolation with stock pads is 7/10.
The isolation with other pads varies, but i used M50 pads and DT770 Pads and the M50 pads offered the most isolation. 
The box was quite nice, but was a little "crowded" just because of the amount of writing scattered on all sides of the box. But that is personal preference. It came with a leather case, 1/4" Adapter and EXTRA PADS.
 The sound of the 750's sound was unique and I will try not to over-complicate it :)
The bass of the 750's was my favorite part of how they sound.
It wasn't basshead worthy but i was definitely impressed!
Where the bass shined was in the lowest frequencies  around 30-80Hz.
It is detailed but slow, so not accurate but good for EDM. I listened to all genres and where the 750 shined was... nowhere. It was OKAY for all genres. Always lacking something or needing something but I guess if i had to choose a genre it would be Rap, because the low-mid voices and the strong sub-bass in Rap, the 750 was able to manage Rap very well.
The mid bass was weak and gave no body to Dubstep and House but gave classical a nice warmth.
The mids on the 750's were laidback and lacked detail. Vocals were smooth and easy to listen to but weren't natural sounding. Very "muffled" mids. As the frequencies got higher, it got more forward and detailed but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Classic was fun to listen to on these. The mids aren't even close to muddy or recessed.
The highs are why I bought these. They were almost bright and very detailed before burn in.
After more use they got less detailed ( Weird ) and less bright ! 
I compared them to the Grado SR80's and it made the 750's sound like TMA-1's ! I was surprised and shocked. They are still very nice and detailed but less then before for some reason.
Men's Vocals
Detailed Mid-Bass
Mid detail
Suggest you buy these cans :)
Good for all genres!

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