Shure Srh750dj Headphones
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Apr 20, 2012
Hello guys, first time posting in this forum, been lurking for a bit of time and you seem to know about all this audio stuff.
So here's my problem - I recently bought those srh750, and I think they don't sound as they should, I read a lot of reviews on them. I don't know your "audio language" so I'll try to describe in my own words how it sounds like. The bass is good, but other sounds sound umm.. I guess the best way to describe it is, the sound fire makes, imagine being in a camp fire. you know what I mean? 
Also the volume isn't that high but it's fair enough for me. 
I tried it on a PC on a laptop and on an ipod touch, it sounds worst in the pc and best on the laptop, ipod is decent, but I'm using the PC mostly. Now I heard about amps and dacs so if the is no simple way to fix it, like drivers, burn-in, etc... I consider buying those, but I don't know anything about those so I'd be glad if you would recommend me, but not in too high of a budget, I find it odd that I have to spend more on a dac/amp then on the headphones themself. 
Let me know if you need more information, motherboard, or other pc specs..
Sorry for long post 
Thanks in advance 

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The crackle is probably due to what you're plugging it into, noisy output sockets (the PC is usually worse, it has so many moving parts contributing to noise that is transferred). It may also have to do with the quality of the audio you're playing. Try a cheap Xonar DG PCI sound card ($30) for your PC. Or consider something like the Fiio E10 for your PC. And let us know what quality your audio media is (compressed MP3, YouTube Rips, CD, vinyl, etc, and if digital, what bit rate).
Very best,
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I listen to music through Grooveshark, I guess it's like youtube quality, not sure though. Yea it might be it, I'll try 320kbps. But still, there's this difference between my pc and my laptop(aspire 5732z), so will I gain even better quality(I don't need more volume) with a new sound card?
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Stop using grooveshark mate and download some flac :) or get original cds and convert them to flac. Not all of us can get original cd's. I live in bangladesh so its not possible for me to get original stuff domestically so I download alot of stuff but I do not support piracy and tend to get the albums of the artists I listen to.

Also +1 on whatever Mal said. the parts in the PC tribute to a lot of EMI. 
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Alright. So I'll try to find some higher quality audio, and also I'm looking to upgrade my system, with a small budget though, will an Xonar DG be enough? or should i go for one of those fiio series, e7/e10..?
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I'd recommend getting a USB DAC/Amp. There's a Lifehacker article on them, coincidently. The problems you report are really a source problem, most likely the PC's DAC and/or amp.
Also consider using a good audio player, like Foobar or MediaMonkey (the last one is better if you like to label your music in a library). You might need to EQ the SRH750's mids to get them decent.
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also I haven't installed any sound drivers, ever. I used to have some kind of realtek driver when first got my pc 3-4 years ago, and haven't had a driver since I installed a new windows... so would my headphones benefit from a driver or codec of some kind? If so, tell me what I should download. 
Also I tryed some 320kbps songs and I think the audio quality wasn't the issue, still hear those not very clean sounds.

Thanks for all  the help guys I really appreciate it.
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I just want you to answer this question
are there any usefull drivers for my headphones?
BTW I think I gained a little improvement probably from the burn-in.
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If you're using Windows 7, try using MediaMonkey as your player. In the output plug-in, choose WASAPI. It allows for your music to go unfiltered to your computer's amp. The difference is small, but noticeable. That's all I can say about drivers, maybe other people know more.
Also consider that Fiio E10. I have an E7, but the E10 seems to be better in some aspects. Remember when using an external amplifier like the E10 to have all of your software volumes up. The Windows volume shouldn't be usable anymore since you're supposed to be bypassing the Windows mixer with WASAPI, but the MediaMonkey volume still works, and it should be at 100% otherwise you're not getting bit-perfect output.
Foobar is also good, but if you're using WASAPI it doesn't really matter because the quality should be the same. However, configuring Foobar to have an interface as good as MM's is a real PITA and requires downloading files, some of which aren't even available anymore.
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Just to check, here's a track that sounds horrible in my headphones -  from 00:46 
how does it sound in your headphones though? is it horrible too?
I wanna know if the problem is my headphones, or it should sound like that.
I heard it through my ipod so it shouldn't be the pc sound card's problem or what ever.


I have a pair of 750DJs, and that track sounds pretty okay. I'm sure the quality of the file is what causes it to sound "horrible". Have you dl a high quality version of the file to test?
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That track sounds fine to me on my system. Cool song, too! It isn't a "clean" sounding synthesizer sound, maybe that's what is making it not sound good to you?
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Do not go for for Asus soundcards. They have quiet high output impedance. My Xonar STX sounds like sh** with the 750DJ
I completely agree with you that other than bass rest frequency spectrum is uneven & treble is fuzzy. That firecamp like sound is mostly due to some peak at 2-3 KHZ. Try using an eq. Of course better quality files will make the most difference.
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soundcloud plays high quality songs isn't it?
if you guys say it sounds pretty ok than I'm pretty sure the problem are my headphones. Gotta go to the store and compare it with other pair. Though I feel bad for going there for the third time now, already exchanged my headphones twice.

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