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Shure SRH1540 vs HiFiMan HE-400/400i/500

  1. jordannn15
    I currently have the Shure SRH1540 and like the sound signature but was wondering if I am missing something. Everyone that I have heard says that planar magnetic bass is better than other dynamic cans. I was thinking about trying the he-400's but people say they have a V shaped frequency response but I don't like a lot of treble. I like forward, tight, controlled bass that goes low like the 1540's and mids that are forward but a little less so than the bass and then recessed highs. 
    Can anyone give me a comparison between the Shure SRH1540's and the HiFiMan HE-400/400i/500?
  2. thecrow
    Did you getany info re the 1540 v the hifimans?

    I've heard the 1540scand apart from being a little closed I thought they were great, solid, enjoyable cans. Personally I wouldn't want any more bass than those.

    Today I tried the he560s and they blew me away!!!

    Great detail, clarity, soundscape, naturalness....

    It has a fair bit of treble, not earpercing though. I would say it dies shy away from the mids and highs as opposed to this being too strong and dominating.

    The bass of the 1540s are a little more prominent than the trebles of the 560s. Just
  3. zeissiez
    I have heard all in a few occasional and own the 400i. 1540 is one of the better portable can, but unless closed-back is what u need, the 400, 400i and 500 handily beat the 1540 in overall SQ. 
  4. thecrow
    I would think so. The only 2 I've heard were the he560 and the srh1540s.

    Probably like you I thought the srh1540s were very enjoyable listening of a closed headphone. $600 here in Australia.

    Now that I'm looking for open cans the he560s were stunning for me and sadly, $1k. I don't think that is going to deter me grabbing them though.

    As enjoyable (I'm not using the word good here as I'm being a little conservative in my view) as the srhs were that still weren't delivering enough for $600 for me to stop me in my tracks of headphone investigation.

    The he560s did and are good enough for me. Now I just need to re audition them and listen to whatever I can in a similar style and/or price point to ensure my first response was in fact correct. I can't see myself really changing my view. And most reviews here and comparisons here of the hifiman range do not have me spending less on the he500s and there appears that the he6s would not quite suit me let alone need me to spend more

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