Shure SRH1540 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kimvictor, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. waveSounds
    The velour pads pretty much remove all isolation and the sound leak outwards becomes not too dissimilar to an open-back, but it's not all that surprising given the qualities the 1540 inherits are somewhat open-back like.

    Shame about the headband, though. Felt nice and spongy!
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  2. Quadfather
    Okay everyone, I am psyched! One of my favorite songs by Hellyeah, called Hell of a Time, on the album Stampede, finally sounds like it should on the Questyle QP1R with Silver Dragon, Shure SRH1540 cans. Everything is finally all burned in. This song always had an annoying, rattling distortion, but now it sounds great! The Questyle dug out the details, leaving unwanted artifacts behind! The SRH1540/Silver Dragon combo is sublime once cables and cans have several hundred hours on them. HELLYEAH!
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  3. waveSounds
    Some of you might have seen my post a few pages back with the HM5 (non-angled) pleather pads on my set of 1540s, well since then I ordered the sheepskin leather HM5 pads - again, non-angled - which arrived today.


    Get yourself a pair. Immediately.

    Despite the Alcantara pads being super comfy, I find these are just as comfortable, if not slightly comfier because of the deeper memory foam inside.

    They change the sound somewhat, but in every aspect I prefer the changes, and I love the sound of the 1540s already! The music feels more engaging.
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  4. matt27
    What are you using for your headband? Looks like foam taped to it? Does that work well? The two "pads" on my pair have completely come off. I tried super gluing them back on but that didn't hold for long. I am kinda desperate to find a new solution!
  5. waveSounds
    LOL it is! I bought a replacement Beyer leather headband cover to see if it'd fit but it didn't, so I cut it open and taped the foam underneath.

    It actually works really well - apart from the DIY look. Was going to experiment with making it look better but couldn't be bothered in the end and thus lives on with the tape.
  6. matt27
    I might have to try that! I don't wear these headphones outside of my home so appearance isn't all that important. :beyersmile:
  7. gazzington
    I am thinking of getting these. How are they compared with:
    Hifiman 400i
    Fostex th xoo
    Ultrasones pro 900
    Audioquest night owls

    I am looking for something to wear at work all day and would like an open sound but can't have open headphones due to open plan office.
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  8. Quadfather
    Shure SRH1540s with stock cables pair beautifully with Lotoo Paw Gold Diana. My Moon Audio Silver Dragon MMXC Shure cables made things way too bright with this DAP; I am selling the cables. Sometimes this hobby is trail and error.
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  9. Quadfather
    You don't have the link for these, do you?
  10. przemja
    Hi All,

    Just listened to the shures 1540 on a range of amps and the main gripe I have with them is the slightly elevated bass.
    Originally I planned to pair them with dragonfly red but the bass is way too annoying for me in that combo.
    ODAC+o2 fares better in that the bass is slightly more controlled/reduced, but still not enough for my taste. Also the highs are slightly more prominent with the O2 vs Red, but I prefer the mids of the RED. Tough choice :)
    I also tried them with a high end Moon 230HAD just to have a point of reference and know their potential. Unsurprisingly, this combo sounded better then the Red or ODAC+O2, in almost every respect. Still, the bass bump of the Shures did not stop bothering me... not to mention that the 230HAD is way over mu budget.

    I'd like to avoid EQ-ing them in software, so would you recommend an alternative solution to reducing the bass in shure 1540s? (I'd need about -3 to -6db... reduction, making it "tighter" woud be welcome too :wink: )

    Obvious ones would be to get a different DAC - any recommendations are welcome - with the bass reduction in mind.

    in terms of possible mods:
    I've read about a dynamat mod - that's one option, but then I'd probably lose the warranty, which I'd prefer to avoi
    I've also checked out a few other pads (velur ones from 1840 take away way too much lows for my taste and seem a lot less comfortable) and some generic flatter ones which messed up the sound - however - perhaps there is a way to mod the original pads?

    If anyone has some ideas I might experiment with a spare set of pads :)
  11. Quadfather
    I really enjoy Shure SRH1540 with stock cables out of Lotoo Paw Gold Diana.
  12. trellus
    Off-topic: "Lotoo Paw Gold Diana" has to take the top prize for dorkiest, most akward-sounding, way-too-long name for a very-expensive DAP. :laughing:
    On-topic: I really do like my Shure SRH1540 cans for their ridiculous comfort and refined sound.
  13. Quadfather
    Yes, the name is a bit long. It is a really sturdy little DAP though with good sound and power.
  14. Lelouch
    Hello guys, i posted a similar post in the Sony Z7 thread but i wish to have Shure 1540 lovers point of view.
    I don't know what to choose between Meze 99C, Oppo PM-3, Sony Z7 and these. I love vocals and balanced sound. I'm not a basshead and i'd rather be able to pinpoint details, enjoying instrumental orchestra, female vocals pureness... I use a Fiio X5III as portable player.
    Do you have any advices?
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  15. Quadfather
    I am Selling Moon Audio Silver Dragon Shure SRH1540/1840 V# single ended 3.5mm TRS cables in Fore Sale accessories. Mint condition. Too bright for the Lotoo Paw Gold Diana, but would be great for a warmer source.

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