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Shure SRH 940 impression and support thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by astroid, Jan 13, 2011.
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  1. bcasey25raptor
    So source matters?
    Well then i just placed on order on a fiio e9.
    I also placed on order on some grado sr225i s.
    Spent way to much but i got curious.
  2. ac500
    Hmm bcasey banned? I wonder what happened.
    Anyway I came here to say, I've tried my SRH940 for a while with a bass boost making it sound a bit warmer / bassy like my HD650s. Ultimately, it doesn't really get around the fact that the SRH940's mids and lows don't compare to the HD650. The HD650 sounds transparent, effortless, and perfectly natural across the lower spectrum until you reach high treble, where is the only place I find it a bit muffled (but still very good).
    The SRH940 remains excellent for my treble-specialty and hyper detailed analytical headphone, but ultimately it's not as good an all-arounder. What's interesting is that there is some music is does spectacularly well even in lows and mids, but it's very hit and miss.
    At $300, the SRH940 is still a great headphone, however its specialty is treble -- and that's the key to anyone considering these. It's absolutely worth it in that I like having a highly detailed treble headphone when I'm listening to music that fits well with that. However as an all-arounder, there's something to be said for the HD600/HD650's ability to render beautifully liquid bass and mids. Detail is important, but it's not everything. 
    At this point I would not recommend the SRH940 as an all-arounder, but as a secondary pair (as is the case for me) OR if you're a big treblehead.
  3. nikp

    ac500, what happened to you? [​IMG]
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Good post - totally agree
  5. ac500
    nikp: If you think my analysis of the SRH940 has changed, that's not really true although it may have sounded that way. I never claimed the SRH940 was an all-around excellent headphone (except months ago when it was still new and shiny to me), but rather that it's brilliant in its specialty (detail, highs) and good in everything else. What I was referring to was my recent experiment of bass-boosting on the SRH940 to see how well it does, and I confirmed more strongly what I've said all along: the SRH940 predominantly excels with upper mids and highs. My HD650 is completely the opposite - it's brilliant in everything else (and "everything else" happens to be more important for quite a lot of types of music), and just good in the upper highs.
  6. tdockweiler


    Based on your comments, it sounds like you'd be someone who'd love the HD-598. Have you tried it? IMO it's much brighter than the HD-650 and HD-600, but still smooth sounding and non-fatiguing. When I got my HD-598 I sold my HD-650 and returned my un-opened HD-600. I've been loving this HD-598 for the past year and haven't found much I don't like about it. It's not a downgrade from the HD-600/650, just different. It seems Sennheiser got everything mostly right. It just doesn't have the bass of the HD-600, but pretty close.
    There's a few similarities between the HD-598 and SRH-940.
    I probably mentioned it before, but if it wasn't for my HD-598 and KNS-8400 I'd probably have the SRH-940 right now. I imagine people who love lots of treble would much rather have the SRH-940 though.
  7. ac500
    Well, would a HD598 have better treble quality than HD650s? Keep in mind that treble quantity is not the problem with the HD650. I add a small 15+khz treble boost on my HD650, and the sound signature is absolutely perfect IMO. It's just that the HD650 highs are a bit blurry compared to the SRH940. Not bad, but not as good. Would the HD598 really be better than the HD650 in the upper highs? That seems unlikely but I really don't know.
  8. kiteki
    Why is bcasey25raptor banned.
  9. Brooko Contributor


    Have a feeling that it may have been something to do with a post over on the "explain your avatar" thread.  Guessing a  post or to may have been removed as well.  May have been race related.  Probably just another BCasey "special" flippant remark - one he didn't think anything of - but guess someone else may have.  The 'holiday' may do him some good.  He has been particularly obnoxious at times lately.  Rebelling against the system perhaps?
    Anyway - pure speculation on my part.
    FWIW - I hope it's not permanent.  I find a lot of his posts quite hilarious.
  10. tdockweiler


    I definitely think so. It seems most people think the old dark and muffled HD-650 is a thing of the past (silver screen?). I was actually surprised that when I had an HD-650, the pair I had, had more treble quantity than my HD-600! Seemed like it anyway. It seems most people say it's the other way around. When you use an HD-650 cable on the HD-600, it's a closer match though, but you sacrifice some mids on the HD-600. To my ears, the HD-650 does many things better than the HD-600, but I still prefer the HD-600 for my music. I think I did prefer vocals on the HD-650 from what I remember and it was a bit less grainy than the HD-600 with some music.
    I remember when I first got my HD-598, what jumped out at me was how much more clear, detailed and less muffled it sounded than my old HD-650/600. I must be weird, because there's a ton of people who never find the HD-650 muffled. I don't want to say "veiled" since I'm sick of that word! I just think one strength of the HD-650 is that it's not excessively detailed and fairly forgiving, but to a point.
    It took me about a month to realize I wanted more treble quantity than what the HD-650 had. Just a preference, but I didn't learn to just like it the way it was. I even bought a new amp for the HD-650! What's weird is that I didn't realize the HD-650 didn't have enough treble for ME (without EQ) for me until I used them for gaming. Never realized the K601 was close to being a dark headphone until I used them for gaming too. That was a big surprise! K601 definitely doesn't have the treble of the K702! I think some versions have a lower treble peak though.
    Best advice is to try the HD-598 if you can. At a meet or whatever. It seems people who dislike many of the other Sennheiser headphones love the HD-598. IMO it's a much more engaging and fun headphone than the HD-600/650, but it all comes down to preferences. They say the HD-650 is technically better, but I haven't figured out why. Maybe because it scales up better with more expensive amps [​IMG]
    I remember one time comparing the HD-600, 650 and HD-598 side by side all at once. That was pretty fun. HD-600 and HD-650 really does sound much different to me than what everyone says. HD-650 with some music felt like it was much more clear than the HD-600. Took specific music though.
    I remember once getting my HD-650's mids to sound like my HD-598. Don't have a clue how that happened and it wasn't with an EQ! [​IMG]
    Sorry..i'm bored and this is all off-topic. I'm surprised there's not more comparisons of the HD-598 to the SRH-940.
  11. ac500
    I would like to try an HD598 some time then, if the treble is better. Maybe the HD598 would make a better treble headphone for me. However I don't really think anything will replace my HD650 because honestly I really like how it does the lower end, and literally every other headphone I've tried (except for LCD2) leaves me missing the HD650's really beautiful lower end and mids. 
    It occurs to me that I listened to an HD595 once (I know someone that has them), and I wasn't particularly impressed vs. my HD650 (silver screen btw). But I understand the HD598 is supposed to be considerably better than the HD595.
  12. kiteki

    He said he spent way too much money on the E9 and SR225, maybe he could use a holiday, I bet he'll be loving metal on his new Grado's at least.
    The b-casey special is a good breakfast, with extra bacon.
    At least he got the chance to tell us we're all deaf before he was banned, and choose an avatar we can rememebr him by, an angry looking pony...
  13. Brooko Contributor


    Oh (assuming he gets back) I'm expecting that he'll hear no difference for a start with his E9 - then will come the all audio is a rip-off posts again.  Then he'll do a review after 1 day with the SR225 proclaiming them the best cans ever - followed by a series of posts 2-3 weeks after that proclaiming them awful [​IMG]
    If you're reading this Casey - I'm just teasing you.  I really enjoy (some of) your posts - always entertaining.
  14. extrabigmehdi


    Why "uppers mids", it doesn't excels at just mids ?

    It's the second time that bcasey has been banned, but hopefully this is temporary. Kiteki was banned at least once too. But it's against TOS  to discuss reasons of banning ...[​IMG]
  15. crinacle

    It kinda does excellent for upper mids and the "mids mids", but the lower mids sound lacking due to the lack of connection with the bass.
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