Shure SRH 840 w/ Straight Cable, 1/4" Adaptor and Box
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Aug 18, 2012
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Aug 18, 2012
Brand: Shure
Model: SRH 840
Year Originally Purchased: 2011
Hours Used: I probably used this for 2-3 hours a day for 2 years. Over the last year, however, it has seen much less wear time. That being said, I think 2500 hours is a good conservative estimate.
Condition: Very good. These things are made to be durable anyway and have survived being in and out of a backpack for many years without a scratch.
Accessories: Straight Cable, 1/4" adaptor, extra set of pads, and bag
Reason for Selling:  These things are fantastic, and I would not mind keeping them for many more years. They are also fairly underused since I find my DT 880s to be far more comfortable.
Cost: $100 or best offer. You pay the Paypal fees and I pay the shipping or you pay the shipping and I pay the paypal fees. If you want to know the shipping price, send me a PM with your approximate address (ie just city, state). (US/Canada preferred)
Pictures: Pictures are available here:
Possible Issues/Concerns: There are a few small issues I might address here. 1) The pads that I have been using for the last 3 years are worn. That means they are still comfortable and sound fantastic, but have minor tears along the sides. 2) There are very minor cosmetic blemishes if you were to stare intently for them. 3) On one side, there is a small bit of plastic missing. 4) I do not have a coiled cable. They came with one but it broke. I personally have never had issues with the straight cable. If you want to purchase a new cable, they are available on Amazon. If you want new pads, and do not want the pads in the box, then those are also purchaseable on Amazon. 5) The pads I have been using have been washed and dried. After this, I briefly tested them out to make sure the sound quality has not been affected. There are pictures in the above album to showcase these issues. The pictures do not show issue #2 and that's because it is incredibly minor, but I know some people care about it.
Trades: Please PM me if you are willing to make a deal. I am open to the idea of a trade.
Any other questions: If you have any questions, please post on this thread. That way, I can answer the question for everyone as opposed to answering them individually through PM.
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