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Shure SE846 vs Noble Kaiser Encore?

  1. jasonwdonnelly
    Hey ya'll! I tried out the Kaiser Encore a few weeks ago and fell in love with them (obviously), but here's the question... 
    If I can find them for around a grand, should I get my own pair of the Encore's or are the SE846 truly the top? 
    I've heard nothing but good things, but haven't had a chance to try them yet. 
    Anyone out there try both and wanna give me the run-down? 
    Thanks so much! 
  2. cellarbro
    I own the SE846 and I have tried the Encores.
    It depends on what you are looking for. SE846 is full sounding in the low end. Great texture and slam to the bass and honestly a very versatile and fun sounding IEM. They are currently my favorite. The Noble Encore is something I think I would like to get my hands on. They have a good low end response and a better treble response in terms of detail and sound stage. I cant comment a ton because I cannot remember the exact details of the sound signature.
    You honestly cannot go wrong with both. There is a review on the Kaiser 10 (not encore) compared to the SE846. I agree with their conclusion. Kaiser (and encore) are technically better by a smidgeon. They are really good. I cannot find myself to spend twice the amount I spent on the 846 to purchase the encore however. I got my 846 at $700 new and to me they are an absolute steal. Even at $1400 which is what I usually find the encore used for, I cannot say that they are twice as good. 
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  3. Kunlun

    You've got to be kidding about the 846 being the top. They are several years old now and not at all at the same level as the k10e.

    The 846 has a peak at 7khz and a steep roll off which means poor treble extension, the k10 does much better with a pair of armature for ultra high treble. The 846 and k10 both have warm, rich mids and deep bass, with the k10 having a clear edge in detail and control.

    If you love the 846 and get it a substantial discount, then great. But as a comparison with the k10e? No way.
  4. Bastianpp
    K10 have the promediun b.a sound of bass.. the shure se846 is diferent. Or not?

    The best of shure is the body, impact and transparent bass
  5. jasonwdonnelly
    Okay, maybe not the "best" but almost everyone I've ever heard talk about the 846 loves them. I absolutely LOVED the Encore's, read my review on them, but... I dove in on the Shure's. Hopefully they'll be here by EOW! 
    Will report back! 
  6. cellarbro

    Don't worry about him. 846 are not the 'best' out there per say but if you compare with how people price the 846 vs encores, you will be very hard pressed to find the encores for less than $1300 as a universal. You will notice that the 846 aren't as detailed as the encores but depending on the type of music you listen to you may sometimes prefer the 846 sound. For me, I put the 846 on and they can disappear in my ear for the entire day. 
    Im super sensitive to sharp treble. Sparkly treble will give me some fatigue after like 30 min to 1 hour. Never have I felt fatigued by the treble on the 846. I just cant find myself attracted to paying 1800+ for the encores. Maybe used but 1300 is still a lot to drop down for something that doesn't have any more warranty because I bought it second hand. Maybe at like 1200 new I might but a pair of encores are twice the cost of my HD800. Feels to me like I'm being milked for cash to pay that kind of price. This is coming from someone who has more headphones than I know what to do with.
  7. Danz03
    If you are sensitive to sharp treble, why do you even have a pair of HD800??? Comparing to the HD800, the Encore are dull sounding!
    To me, the SE846 are a little bit bass heavy with the white filter, with the blue filter (and olive tips), they sound more balanced to my ears. I used to think the 846 sub bass was so amazing and subwoofer like until I got my K10U (the older black version), the sub bass goes much deeper than the 846. The new Encore I got now have a very similar sound signature to my old K10U with slightly more details or high extensions I think, but the difference is really small, probably wasn't really worth the upgrade for me but they do look much nicer.
    Compare to the SE846, the Encore are definitely brighter sounding, or some would call that more detail sounding, but nowhere near as painful sounding as the HD800. Personally, I much prefer the Encore's sound signature, which to me is very balanced and flat sounding, more so than Katana's which I find a little bass light.
    I do agree with you about how one can put the 846 on and they can disappear in the ear for the entire day, but for me, that is also the fault of the 846 too as they don't reveal problems in a mix as much as the Encore, like how a song that's mixed too bright would still sound fine with the 846.
    I guess $1800 is kind of hard to justify for a pair of IEMs, but I definitely would have preferred to pay that for the Encore than $1400 for my HD800 which I barely used.
  8. Bastianpp
    Filter only change the High's... with white filter you get more highs, with blue you get less high and more bass.
     i don't know how you get more balanced with blue filter :s, all know it
    And more '' http://lghttp.48226.nexcesscdn.net/801FC5A/magentocdn/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/820x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/p/a/pa910l.jpg '' this tip give more bass !
    For balanced sound is:
    Put off foam on the blue filter and use yellow tip.
  9. Whazzzup
    Encore all the way. I picked mine up on sale, black Friday. My wife now has my 846.
  10. Quadfather
    I wonder how it compares to 64 Ears Tia Fourte...
  11. Quadfather
    I loved the Shure SE846 until I heard the Tia Fourte. OMG! Sounds like an open-back headphone with better bass. APEX ear canal venting means fatigue free listing.
  12. cellarbro
    Ill have to give it a listen. The SE846 after owning them for at least 6 months and being my main IEM I can say they are really quite fantastic but I know for sure that the encores have a better clarity up top on the treble. I also think the sound stage was more easily distinguished on the encore. The SE846 are really good tho for traveling. Im in NYC and the subway rumbles are quite loud. I need something that is excellent at blocking out noise and I think Im only going to find what I need from customs. Will have to see the Tia Fourte soon this week and how it compares to my IE800 and SE846.
  13. Quadfather
    When you do, try some triple flange sleeves. The beats triple flange sleeves work well. The bore is short, so longer ear tips worked better for me. The tia Fourte isolated well. It sounds like a sound-isolating, open-back headphone, with better bass.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2017
  14. samycinema
    What did you end up getting? I own SE846 and love them for tonality, dynamics, overall sound. But have read so many wonderful things about the Encores. How is comfort of Encores compared to SE846? Are custom ones more comfortable than universals, or heavier?
  15. Stranger Than Fiction
    I too own a pair of Shure SE846 and until now thought they’d be hard to top. I can audition the Encores tomorrow but would only be swayed if the 846s’ bass, particularly sub-bass, is matched or bettered.

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