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Shure SE846 vs. Campfire Audio Andromeda


Please vote ONLY if you have listened to both IEMs. Which IEM sounds better to you?

  1. Shure SE846

  2. Campfire Audio Andromeda

  1. deafmutelame

    If you have been able to listen (even owned?) to both IEMs, please leave your impressions about these two beasts.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018
  2. Audiophonicalistic
    If you are planning on using them in the gym, bike rides, lawn mowing and need that extra decibal isolation then get the shure.

    Otherwise imo the andromeda is the king in everything else. Andromeda sound quality is better and you will probably much enjoy it. I sold my andromedas but miss them very much.

    Shures sound good too but andromeda is better in mids and highs. Id probably say bass is equal.
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  3. Will Chiu
    I agree. The shure does provide a better fit and noise isolation. But the andromeda is better than the shure in terms of sound quality. Better focal, better high, better layering, and better resolution
  4. waveSounds
    Don't want to say I told you so, OP, but...
  5. Roscoeiii
    And while Shure isolation is better, Andromedas are no slouch. They shut out the outside world pretty well themselves.

    I have owned both and 100% would choose the Andromedas. In the treble there is no comparison, clear winner for Andromedas (unless you are especially treble sensitive and thus want a rolled off treble, which is a cahracteristic of the 846s, regardless of filters). I do think that the Shure will provide you more bass, and a little more impactful bass. This is the main strength of the Shures for me. But if you are looking for a more bass-heavy IEM, I'd choose Vegas or Atlas over the 846s. And the Andromeda bass is no slouch. Just not quite the amount as the 846s, or the unique impact of the DD Campfire IEMs. I suppose the filters (both supplied and DIY ones you can find info on in Headfi threads) are another potential advantage of the Shures. But damn did Campfire nail the tuning and sound signature on the Andros. There's a reason the word "special" is used to describe them so frequently.
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  6. Audiophonicalistic
    Only reason why id choose shure is if I was solely using them in the gym or on long bicycle rides.
  7. deafmutelame
    Hi guys,

    Actually when I published this entry I was at the beginning of my journey towards audio nirvana... In other words, I hadn't researched the market properly. One zillion reviews later I think I'm more informed now to realize that the Andromeda should be the clear "winner" here (though audio signatures are subjective of course...).

    Perhaps I should open a thread comparing the SE846 vs. Vega vs. Atlas...
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
  8. deafmutelame
  9. Roscoeiii
    Honestly, no need for this new thread. You will find all that you need in the other Campfire Audio threads about Andromeda, Vega and Atlas (as well as in many reviews of the Andro, Vega and Atlas):




    This is well covered ground, here and elsewhere. The search function is also your friend.
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  10. Will Chiu
    I don't think think there is a competition among se846, Vega and atlas, as the two iems from campfire are way better than the se846. And between the two campfires, the atlas is an upgrade from the vega, so there is nothing to compare about in my opinion
  11. deafmutelame

    Hi Roscoeiii. Well, as I indicated above, I've read about a zillion reviews in the last days since I began to search for that "perfect" (yeah, sure!) IEM. I have read now *all* those threads that you mention, comment by comment (yes, I'm that OCD :astonished: ). I have searched the Atlas threads for "Vegas" & "Andromeda" too and did the same with the other threads. In other words, I think I have done my homework. :sunglasses:

    I think its similar sound signature and the fact that so many people wonder about one or the others when they are going to decide which one to purchase merits its own thread, benefiting from the experience of others that have already listened to at least 2 of them. Anyway, I appreciate your remark. :)
  12. deafmutelame
    Hi Will Chiu,

    Which ones have you heard and what did you find different from the others?

    We'd better comment about it in the new thread, to leave this for the SE846 and the Andromeda.
  13. Ryouta Sasaki
    se846 don't has high sound, but andro has high sound .
    se846 has low sound , but andro don't has low sound.
    I think andro is better than se846.
  14. waveSounds
    So, to sum up:

    - One has no highs
    - The other has no lows
    - Based on the above, Andro is better

    I think we can close this thread, gentlemen. The voice of reason has spoken!
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  15. Will Chiu
    I actually think that the andromeda has a better bass

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