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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

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  1. BobJS
    I also have 2 sets of the 846 with original cables and have never had any problems other than discoloration due to copper oxidation which doesn't affect the sound. I too have the andromeda and find it very impressive though it doesn't have 846 bass. The 846 has always been my ultimate go-to. I think you can't go wrong trying again.

    To OP : I know you said you're not interested in more expensive CA iems, but I just recently got hold of the Solaris, and the sound is amazing. Imagine an 846 with dynamic driver bass, solid mids, and holographic highs. Because of the size, I can't use it, though, where I might use the 846, (say, going to sleep).
  2. thedragooooo
    I replaced cables on the replacement pair and the same thing happened.

    Going back on my statement about not being interested in campfire. Looking at the Atlas, Solaris and Andromeda. Don't really care on the price, just want the best ones.
  3. arftech
    I had the Atlas and to my ears they're not better than my 846's and of course that just my opinion. The Atlas is somewhat bright and there's this persistent problem with flex using silicone tips. As matter of fact I ship the Atlas out today due to me selling them on eBay and I'm not gonna look back! See ya! I guess the grass ain't necessarily greener on the other side.

    Almost sold the Shures without first listening to the Atlas and that would have been a huge mistake! The Andromedas are a different story though. I love them for their midrange/treble and coherence. To me they're holographic. The bass is okay but if I desire a good rumble the SE846 is on standby but they play well with any genre. Haven't heard the Solaris.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  4. JaZZ Contributor
    Personally I don't have any problems with my pair, except for a broken cable (needs to be replaced anyway for maximum listening pleasure [transparency!], let's say by an ALO Reference 8 or a FiiO LC-3.5D). I still like it quite a bit, but meanwhile prefer Atlas, Andromeda and FiiO FH7. Atlas and FH7 are my favorites and probably endgame, if nothing revolutionary shows up in the future. Note that I equalize all my ear- and headphones to a perceivedly even frequency response, so my ratings are to be considered under this aspect. The SE846 sounds best with an empty filter tube and a relatively massive EQ compensation for the resulting treble excess – and with foam tips for minimized inner reflections = maximum transient accuracy. This way it has a surprisingly convincing treble extension, unlike its reputation.

    SE846-EQ-Curve.JPG . Atlas-EQ-Curve.JPG . FH7-EQ-Curve.JPG

    This response has forced me to audition the SE846 again since a while, and I'm surprised how good it sounds even compared to the two newer IEMs. However, I like the other two a bit better: the Atlas for its soundstage, clarity, neutrality and punch, the FH7 for its warmth, organicalness, incisiveness and authority – it has the blackest, most impressive bass of the bunch (thanks to the huge beryllium-plated dome membrane).

    If you decide to stick with the SE846 (not a bad decision by all means), try my modification and most notably allow it a better cable, let's say the FiiO LC-3.5D!
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  5. tbritton
    Without knowing how you attempted to separate the connectors, I cannot understand "jammed into". Please define what you mean by that.

    They ARE tight fits. But it is easy to separate them if you take half of the connector in each hand and insert the fingernails of your left and right-hand index finger and thumb simultaneously into the space between the halves. Then as you press the tips of the nails in together toward each other, the two halves pop apart with no pulling or prying whatsoever. Pulling them apart by any other means is very hard to do.

    I hope that was the case here, that you were simply using the wrong technique to get them apart, and that trying this method I describe brings you success.

    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  6. Marco Angel
    I have had almost every Shure SE series and have no problem with their connection. I took a break after the SE535 and went with the fiio line up, but now returning to the Se846, This time i just leave every cable in the box and plug a balanced braided copper cable.
    also im using every day in my commute, but at work or home, i always leave them in a sealled box with silica bags for any possible moisture.
    Duno if there is some external factor like rust forming in the connectors. Sad to hear that happening.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
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  7. DavidS11
    Have no problems with the stock cable connection or removal on the 846. Once I tried a third party cable which was too tight but still removable after some elbow grease.

    Compared to Andromeda, I still prefer the more balanced sound of the 846. I don’t like the Andromeda’s hard bass, recessed mid and overly boosted high. Also, the 846’s fit, comfort and isolation is very good, one of the best from any iems I have tried.
  8. thedragooooo
    I am leaning towards new 846s as I know what I'm gonna get. I could spend twice as much on the Solaris but my instinct tells me it won't be worth it and it's too risky, moving from a "shure" thing LOL

    On the cable queries, 100% defective, proven by the fact that when returned to Shure they agreed replacement and didn't just return them back with a message on how to remove them. There's a video on youtube on "how to remove shure cables" and quite a few comments by people there on having the same issue, that after a year or two, it became impossible to remove the cables without using dental floss. Not exactly ideal for a product offering 'removable' cables. And the only thing making me hold back on my decision. Knowing my luck, it is a 2 year investment because I think the same will happen again, and after that time Shure could not care less. So is the £££ / 2 years really worth it. Hmm..
  9. ThePeave
    I have both the SE846 and the Solaris and I've sold off all my other IEMs and kept these two for specific reasons. The Solaris definitely has a leg up in terms of sound quality with more defined and punchy base, holographic high-end, and a soundstage that is really incredible for an IEM. The Solaris out of the ES100 seriously competes with my desktop rig. The SE846 is close, but the main reason it ends up getting more use than the Solaris is comfort and portability. It is hands down the most comfortable IEM I've ever tried and I don't think twice about throwing in my pocket, where as I feel I need to baby the Solaris. I usually pair the SE846 with the BT2 bluetooth cable, and I think this combo is unbeatable in terms of sound quality to convenience/portability factor, though the SE846 does improve noticeably from a better source.
  10. thedragooooo
    Good info thanks. Based on that, as nice as it would be to try the Solaris. gonna get 846s again.

    Does anyone know how many cables the 846 BT2 package comes with? I'm not interested in Bluetooth really, but I hope it still comes with 2 standard cables?

    And does anyone have any non-shure cable recommendations? I fancy a good cable and keeping the shure cables as back ups. I previously had the Linum G2 BaX cable but it disintegrated after about 2 months, the cable was so thin and fragile. Nice sound quality though.
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  11. JaZZ Contributor
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  12. arftech
    Mine came with two cables but both were the same which I didn’t understand.

    On another note, I almost sold off my 846 and thrilled that I didn’t. It’s really an awesome IEM.
  13. Marco Angel
    Came with 3 cables, the standard 3.5, a 3.5 with mic and the BT1. Never used them btw
  14. TigerAlex
  15. TigerAlex
    I have both, they are pretty light and
    They are
    Copper Litz cables with A WIDER SOUND STAGE WITH A REAL PUNCH
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