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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

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  1. BobJS
    It depends which thread you ask in. :)

    There are folks in the fh7 thread who prefer it. I own both and prefer the 846, though the fh7 is very good. I've never been disappointed with the 846.
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  2. brainchill
    For $650 I would buy the Shure 846's and feel zero remorse about the purchase .... that's an awesome price. I've not listed to the FH7's for a very long time, I will say that I did like them but I don't think they are in the same ballpark as the 846 .... more like listening to the 535s (which I also own) ... Brutal reality, I just broke down and bought my first set of full custom IEMs delivered just a few months ago. I picked up the JH Audio 16v2's, and I really do love them, they sound great, but after having them for a few months I will say
    that while they sound different than the 846's they are in no real way "better" just slightly different signature and I would have been totally happy just continuing to listen to the 846's for the rest of my life :D ... you won't be disappointed and sensaphonics will make you a nice set of silicon mold shells to get that custom fit.

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  3. JaZZ Contributor
    You'll probably get different recommendations. For me the FH7 sounds (even) better. And this in the Shure SE846 thread! :astonished:
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  4. brainchill
    Agreed, it's all subjective and relative because we all hear differently ....
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  5. Christoph
    Hi guys,
    do you have a recommendation for a good balanced cable with a 4.4 plug?

    I saw the FiiO FIIOLC-44D which is a silver cable for a fair price.
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  6. waveSounds
    Reported for lies. LIES I TELL YE!
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  7. BobJS
    Sorry about your wallet. You're now going to have to get both, or you'll always be wondering if you made the right choice. (They're both great, but get the 846 !)
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  8. SteveOliver
    That cable works very well with the se846, it gets my vote.
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  9. rodrigonecaxa
    Thank you for you comments!
    Just ordered the se846 :). Is the fiio m11 a good dap to use with the se846?
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  10. arftech
  11. joshnor713
    Fiio "recommends" a lower impedance limit of 16 ohms on all their devices, but in my experience the SE846 works great with them. Silent noise floor.
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  12. fablestruck
    Been using the M11.
    I can confirm that it works beautifully with the se846.
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  13. Christoph
    Thanks @SteveOliver

    Any other recommendations for a good balanced SE846 cable ?

    Which one do you use?
  14. TigerAlex
    YES, and there is a new one the FIIO M11 PRO, check it out
  15. TigerAlex
    8737F85F-7A00-478F-86C4-8685C30A6E73.png 8737F85F-7A00-478F-86C4-8685C30A6E73.png
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