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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

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  1. Caruryn
    Lg G7 is my preferred pairing for SE846.Very balanced sound,suprisingly wide soundstage with good separation and space between notes for a phone,the depth is good enough but not on the level of high end daps like Ultima and same goes for layering but again for a phone really suprizing how well it does,easily competes with $400 daps.Clarity is very good but detail is great,made me appreciate the advancement in LG HIFI DACS over a few years, a clear cut or two above from my past LG V20,you just hear more nuances in music especially mids,crispier and more body.

    Highs are airy with good energy but not fatiguing and bass is deep and well controlled and fun to listen.The reason i mention the G7 here is the off the charts musicality and engagement in music more so than much pricier daps that i have although former is certainly not on the same technical level.If i had one word to describe the pairing it would be ..crunchy.
  2. JaZZ Contributor
    See two posts above yours! :point_up_2:
  3. joshnor713
    +1 this. I remember when I had the G7 that it sounded notable with the SE846. I feel SABRE DACs lean on brighter, crisper sound, which favors the SE846. Want to pick up another LG phone in the future. I'm waiting til they stop with the notch nonsense. I don't do notches, hole-punches, or whatever stupid defect manufacturers want to introduce in the screen for no good reason.
  4. DavidS11
    Just listened to a stock Shure SE846 with FiiO pure silver cable for the first time... wow wow wow. The comfort and fit too is the best of all the iems I have tried. Definitely still very much relevant today for an iem released 6 years ago. Fantastic.
  5. unispeed
    ...yeah, we are at 5 now

    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
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  6. arftech
  7. GWagon
    This is a bit of a noob question, but if I bought a DAP such as the FiiO M11, which I have my eyes on, should I notice a significant improvement in sound quality over an iPhone XS using the 3.5mm adapter?

    Has anyone tried the M11 with the SE846? Is it a recommended combo?
  8. joshnor713
    Of course it'll be a significant improvement. Not trying to sound snobby or anything, but there's no way the Apple dongle can compete with a mid/high-end DAP. Like, not even looking at all the extra hardware but also the impedance mismatch with the dongle. Spending so much on an IEM is pointless without proper sourcing. You're only as good as what you feed it.
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  9. GWagon
    Any recommended DAPs for the SE846? Has anyone used these headphones with the M11?
  10. Roasty
    I've used the 846 with the pioneer xdp-300r, and am now using the ibasso dx220 (amp 1).

    The 846 sound better with the ibasso. Also did the Trish mod (partial mod, damping material to middle of the funnel) on the 846 and sound is as good as I can get it to go. Full Trish mod makes it a bit sibilant for me at higher volumes.
  11. Krutsch
    I use mine with the new Sony NW-A55 ... sounds just awesome. Plenty of power to drive the SE846.

    Here is my thread on the DAP, if you want to learn more about the new Sony Walkman:

  12. cthomas
    E33B14B3-CEC7-4742-BCA9-9EDF88505A8B.jpeg 42C3D43D-7472-42B6-B4A7-80BE036AD994.jpeg 71CC2F07-353E-469B-967F-855143A48C5E.jpeg

    Anyone know what’s happening to my SE846?

    Had these for about 4 years and they’ve always looked flawless, now all of a sudden there’s this yellow translucent goop in the seam on the inside after not using them for a while.

    I clean my ears every time I use them. These are always left in the case and I clean them regularly when i use them. Looks like whatever it is is getting close to the wires inside. I’d noticed about a year ago the black seal under the nozzle had started to wear down, wonder if that has something to do with it?
  13. Andreeas1978
    To me it seems it's only the glue used changing color with age. I wouldn't worry too much. See if it ”grows” in time, that would mean it's something else like oxidation or mold, but I see no source for those in there.
  14. cthomas
    Shure got back to me and said it might be skin acidity issue which would make sense since my nozzle seal has also worn away. Maybe I didn’t clean them properly last time I used them. Currently waiting on repair cost quotes, hope it’s reasonable.
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