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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. tbritton
    It took me a few days and a bit of tip-rolling before I found them starting to "sound good" - and some brain-burn-in as well to get used to the signature. In fact, I went through a period where the black filters were giving me the most satisfaction in terms of the stereo separation of elements (blacks felt more "cohesive" in the spread than the blues did), but that awesome "slam" of the low bass finally won me back to the blue filters pretty much full-time later on.

    It is all quite entertaining what with all the options we are presented with to shape the sound - tips, filters, mods galore! :)

  2. Stranger Than Fiction
    Do any SE846 owners out there use EQ? I use the awesome Onkyo HF Player for iOS (which if nothing else provides an alternative to Apple's ubiquitous hospital whites), featuring a 10 band EQ. I'm curious as to what setting to use in order to bump up the 846s brightness a bit.
  3. SubMash
    I use EarStudio 10 band EQ and put +12dB at 16khz and -1dB 8kHz on a white filters
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  4. fritz1234
    That Earstudio is nice (thanks for the tip), but the USB 1.0 (48k/16bit) is a bit of a put off. I mean, USB 1.0? What. I'm sure the Bluetooth is good though. It's a nice device. I wouldn't think USB 1.0 would even be possible today. Geesh.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2018
  5. zolom
    ES100's Bluetooth sound quality over SE846 (especially via APTX-HD) will AMAZE most listeners

    edit: thanks for the correction
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
  6. fritz1234
    Thanks for the warning. :D
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  7. SubMash
    It's just something that was for free for them to do, so they did (it's not USB1.0 - it's USB Audio Class 1 limited to a single frequency).
    Doing it full-scale USB DAC would increase a cost and price.

    This thing is a high-quality compact BT that can drive SE846 as well as HD650 quite decently and way beyond what it's priced.
    And on BT it's 44.1/48 16/24, configurable AAC/APTX/APTXHD with oversampling it up to 24 bit 192kHz, jitter removal, 10-band 12 db EQ, variable roll-off filters, digital masking filter, 0.5Ohm OI, 6.4V balanced/unbalanced output, dual mono amps and 14 hours battery. It has a microphone to work as a proper BT also for the calls, dual parallel device connection. It's also light enough to clip it to the shirt on a short cable and forget about it. Just don't use non-HD APTX and slow roll-off filter and don't set a too high volume to get clipped (which you won't ever do on SE846).

    And for $100 including shipping from Amazon, you can't complain about how it performs as USB DAC, though if you properly resync 44.1 to 48 - it plays it decent as well.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2018
  8. davidcotton
    If you like the sound but struggle with the fit, maybe take a look at sensaphonics custom ear tips for these?
  9. Slim1970
    Good call on the Spinfit CP240's. I just received my pair. I Iove the sound, seal, and comfort!

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  10. Stranger Than Fiction
    I just love the Spinfits with my K10. I was unaware that they had a a suitable narrow bore version for the SE846.
  11. Slim1970
    Yes, the newer models come with inserts so they can fit the SE846’s smaller bore.
  12. Animalbeats
    Coming from JH Roxanne, these things were/are a disappointment.

    Rip that filter materiel out of the blue filter as soon as you can, putting all that engineering through a piece of foam seemed stupid, and it is.

    The sound is quickened, more responsive, brighter and now more akin to the Roxanne.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  13. msp
    Well the REI arrived, and I had time to listen to it. I do not understand why it is not getting more love, it is brilliant. Compared to the mojo I find the sound more layered, and relaxed. I also find the soundstage larger, yea for a IEM. It is truly a remarkable small machine.

    I am not saying that it is better than the Mojo for all headphones, but in my ears with the SE846, I think it is superior, and I will most likely end up selling the Mojo as do not have any “hard to drive” phones

    I have also received a updated cable for the newer iPhones, I am having some troubles with it… will let you know if it is fixed.

    Kind regards Morten
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  14. msp
    Hmm needed to turn the cable around, all good.

    Do not have a new iPhone but will next week bring it to work an borrow one from a co-worker and test
  15. koiloco
    I saw your post and got curious. So I ordered a pair (M). Holy smoke, these are great. I prefer them over the CP800-M that I bought recently but didn't like them at all.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018

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