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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. nevrsumr
    Pulled the trigger. Only way to know for sure is to try them.

    I don't like the bass filter on the t20i. I use the neutral one and even then the bass is boomy. I would have liked it in my younger car stereo days but now like just a slight bump.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  2. koiloco
    Not sure if you bought new or used.
    Used SE846 usually goes for $500 or less here, which is a great deal for what you'd get. I wouldn't buy new.
  3. nevrsumr
    I know thanks. I am hoping these are "the one" so I don't mind buying new.
  4. tbritton
    I went from the SE215's to the SE846's also, and the fit was virtually the same. Very comfortable! (But, you WILL have problems settling for the 215's after being "spoiled" by the 846's, I promise you!)

  5. nevrsumr
    That's good news. Can't wait until Friday. Working from home that day so will be like a dog looking out the window for their master. Sometimes I think this is the best part of a hobby :)
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  6. msp
    I have also been through a number of IEM’s and one CIEM.

    I also often use the RHA T20 (at work) both the SE846 and the RHA have the Spinfit CP240 tips. The Shure are so much more comfortable, it also sounds better.

    The only annoying thing is the included tips with the Shure are not good, I also have the Spinfit 800, it is also much better than the included tips, it seems like they are holding the true performance of the IEM back with cheap tips

    BR Morten
  7. nevrsumr
    I terrified the 846's won't be comfortable. I was dreaming about it last night. I looked and it seems like the 846 uses the same tips as the 215 which I used okay. My favorite tips are the sony gel mediums (green) but not sure if they go with the Sure's or not.

    The 846s will be delivered today so I'll give them a shot. Probably wont know for sure until I'm back in the office monday for an extended listen.
  8. moedawg140 Contributor
    Congrats with regards to your latest acquisition! Hopefully you’ll enjoy them to the max: with a new cable, tips (possibly with the SCS), Knowles dampers, DAP pairings and the like!
  9. nevrsumr
    I know it's sacrilege over here but I'll probably just run them off my phone on spotify extreme quality. I'm from the home theater scene for a long time and we have a totally different attitude toward cables over there. Cheapest copper is same as anything as long as the gauge is adequate for power and distance. Monster cable back in the day prompted a bunch of testing and the results were always the same for expensive vs cheap. I would be down for android controls however.

    I may look into a DAP but I don't use EQ so an amp might be better suited.
  10. phthora
    Impedance mismatch would be one solid reason not to run them off your phone. Of course, impedance varies from phone to phone, but with the 4-16 ohm impedance of the Shures, you are likely to run into FR changes with anything over 0.5 ohm impedance. Here's some more info:

    I think they sound pretty lousy out of my phone, mostly due to its high output impedance.

    Something to think about. A well-selected DAP would definitely improve the quality of sound that you get out of these.
  11. nevrsumr
    I would consider it. What is something middle of the road that can run android apps and I can tether to my phone for data?
  12. phthora
    FiiO X7 mk1 is one of the best values out there that runs Android, has an output impedance of 0.5 ohm or lower, and actually sounds decent:

    You can find one for about $350 pretty easily.

    I run my Shures though an Onkyo DP-X1 (the newer model is the DP-X1A). I love mine and find that it pairs very well with 846s:

    You can find one of those for around $500.

    A DAP is a fairly subjective choice, since there are so many UI features to consider when buying one and those, of course, depend on the U. But, those DAPs would be a good place to start researching.

    For what it's worth, if I had to buy a DAP today, I would pick up the iBasso DX200, which runs about $900:
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  13. csglinux
    One more vote here for the FiiO X7 (1st gen). Since the Mark ii version came out, the original X7 can be had for bargain prices.

    The following isn't a full-fledged Android device (it runs a stripped-down version of Linux), but if you're a Tidal user, this little gadget isn't that expensive if you're able to jump on the Kickstarter pledge in the next 5 days. It has a less than 1 Ohm z-out:
  14. SubMash
    Runs quite well on EarStudio Bluetooth for 3-4 times less money than others.
  15. nevrsumr
    Well I got them. First thing is I had to throw some softer tips in. The other middle size are too stiff and the smalls didn't get me any seal.

    I don't want to comment too much about what I think yet. I've got brain burn in from listening to the JVC fw01's. I'm not used to the forward mids on these. Bass is good. Very even and clean. Highs seem rolled off but still sparkle comes out in certain songs. I put the 215s in and was trying to decide if I felt like these were 10x better but I understand a lot of that cost is the technology. I tried the white filters which were too harsh.

    I need to put them through a day at the office to decide for sure if I can wear them for extended lengths.

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