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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. m4rkw
    If you paid with a credit card I’d go the chargeback route, much more likely to get a result than dealing with paypal. If you didn’t.. possibly another expensive lesson, sorry :frowning2:
  2. csglinux
    The lesson here is never ever use PayPal, unless you're paying with your credit card through PayPal. PayPal is one of the most unethical and sketchy companies I've ever dealt with and they
    won't give a rat's ass. But your credit card company will refund you and PayPal will have no choice but to suck it up.

    @m4rkw is correct about it being illegal to send counterfeit goods through the post in certain countries. For that reason, in the US, you're not required to send the item back. You keep the item and the seller has to take the hit and refund you. YMMV in other countries.

    It would be a really unfortunate situation if very high-quality SE846 fakes are now on the market :frowning2: I'd be interested in measuring one of these e-infin(?) models. If there are any e-infin SE846 owners in the LA area, feel free to pm me...
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  3. ropie
    My 2 cents to join recent discussions stirred up by SubMash:

    A sub €300 IEM to compare to the Shure 846

    I also have the FLC's. I liked them so much, I even bought a second pair as backup, (in case of loss or defect)
    To me they were the best IEM's I heard for reasonable money, and thought I would grow old with them.

    Then someone let me listen to his Shures 846. Within 5 minutes I knew I would also buy a pair.
    Because to me they are a big step up.
    (But off course, this is also very dependant of your source, your taste, your music and not least of all; the quality of the recording)

    The FLC's are more spacious and brighter. For some recordings this works better for me than with the Shures
    But for really well recorded (especially acoustical instruments) the Shures work better.
    Many IEM's I heard before, the sound is too thin to listen to string quartets for instance. On low volume not enough detail, on higher volume piercing my eardrum
    Not with the Shures. These are the first IEM's I can enjoy classical music with.

    As for some other topics of discussion

    Thanks for your input SubMash, You stirred some things up and I enjoyed reading your fresh (and bold) statements.
    I don't necesarrily disagree with you all the way, but there were two things that attracted my attention.
    1. Measurements. You refer to measurements a few times. I prefer to use my ears as my measurement tool. I "calibrate" them by listening to various sources, sounds of live instruments and voices and sounds of nature. That is my reference. Measurements are not everything. A musical device can measure well, but sound poor. The opposite is also true: I own a (very nice) tube amplifier, of which a professional reviewer stated; how can an amp that sounds so good, measure this poor?
    1. Warning people. You state you want to warn people for spending more money than what their budget should actually allow. My question that rose here is, did you just pick the Shure thread to do this, or are you doing the same on other platforms? I mean the territory would be almost infinate. The same warning would count for people buying more or less any electronical device (phones, laptops, flatscreens), but also cars, clothes, holidays, alcohol/drugs......
    Talking about drugs: ..........time for a cup of coffee!
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  4. rawrster
    I'm on my second run with the se846 and even though cheaper earphones have gotten much compared to my first run I decided to buy these again.

    You could easily find a used pair that isn't fake for 500-600 USD (no idea about used markets outside of USA). My requirements limited myself to the se846 or to go custom and I chose a universal as I can sell with minimal loss if needed. The only other option would have been the Andromeda however the isolation isn't as good as I had fit issues last time I owned them.

    At this price range it shouldn't be about what is best anymore. It's about what fits your musical preferences the best as there will be less compromises at this price compared to a lower price range. The se846 is definitely showing its age however the fact that it is still relevant today should also tell you something. Many earphones in the 1k price range introduced at the same time as the se846 are no longer as popular as it inch was when there was less competition.
  5. SubMash
    I don't trust human judgements on many topics. And one of them - ability to measure quality of high frequency air compression aka sound. People are extremely unreliable. Our perception is so poor + mood and memory dependant... And it's 2018 not 1850 now.

    You say that something can sound as you like and have bad measurements - thats easy. Either you measure wrong way or wrong things or you actually prefer damaged sound. You like tubes sound, because it's seriously damaged. But you like it emotionally, because you like that damage. I could say that you can easily apply some digital filters to get or even better damage.

    Sound equipment should just not damage sound and have enough power to drive what's needed. And if you want special effects covering the music - just add them. That's just logical.
  6. m4rkw
    I used to think vinyl was higher fidelity than cd but no, it just produces harmonic distortion that sounds nice.
  7. AndrewH13
    Did you listen/have reasonably high quality turntable (Maybe similar price 846s or above) to make that opinion?

    If you have Linn, Roksan or similar, I think the musicality they produce leaves CD standing.

    Of course, those that believe measurements are more important than their own human ear, well maybe they do not see music as an art form to be enjoyed, their loss.
  8. ZappaMan
    But the maker of “the best” dac, uses his hearing to create it. Not a computer or piece of equipment. The human brain is the best tool, in the hands of a knowledgable, skilled person.
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  9. AndrewH13
    It’s often those that don’t have a true love of music, but rather the gadget/equipment, that oppose measuring by ear/brain!
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  10. m4rkw
    I did have a very expensive system yes, and it sounded amazing. But technically speaking a CD is a more accurate reproduction of the original recording.
  11. m4rkw
    It was a ClearAudio Concept turntable with a Reson Mica cartridge and needle. Exposure 2010s2 amp and Revolver Music Series speakers. I still have the amp and speakers.
  12. AndrewH13
    Then you know the ‘amazing sound’. I also convinced myself of the perfect technical CD qualities, ironic that Rob Watts is now starting to get CD and digital files, finally sounding nearly as good!
  13. m4rkw
    I don’t deny that vinyl sounds lovely. But i think it’s largely because our monkey ears like a certain kind of harmonic distortion.
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  14. fritz1234
    Yes, or nostalgia. Like driving old cars.
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  15. m4rkw
    I’ll tell you what though, peppa pig and paw patrol sound awesome through the Exposure amp and Revolver speakers. Not sure my 2yo fully appreciates the quality of her dedicated setup yet but that’s all it gets used for now lol
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