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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. m4rkw
    The lady I spoke to at Shure confirmed my suspicion that the e-infin price is below what they wholesale at.

    The price in china isn’t significantly different from the EU markets: https://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/de...5093053f42710&abbucket=14&skuId=3608715183687


    - price is below wholesale
    - Shure said they’re not legit
    - Shure said they’ve seen many counterfeits of the clear version, despite myths that this is impossible
    - E-infin are based in china

    There’s just no way these are genuine Shure. If you bought these then the best you can hope for is that they’re a phantom run at the factory and not too far behind the official QC. I wouldn’t count on ever getting any warranty service either from e-infin or Shure, and I doubt Shure would repair counterfeit items even if you were willing to pay.
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  2. csglinux
    You aren't presenting facts. You're here espousing pure opinion, in less than diplomatic tones. I'm all for an enlightening debate on audio matters, but this isn't it.
    If you find that <$100 IEM that sounds better than the SE846, let me know; I'll try it (assuming I haven't already) and post back. Otherwise, I've already wasted enough of my life responding to your posts.
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  3. m4rkw
  4. koiloco
    This is my 2nd round with the SE846. I bought my 1st set in 2014 and sold it after thoroughly enjoying it. During this time I owned the 846, I've had HD800 and HE-6 which I still own.
    Recently I started getting back into IEMs, I started from the bottom again, knowing the Chinese made IEMs have improved tremendously and offer great value for my $.
    I've bought Massdrop EDC, Ostry KC09, 1more Quad Driver and a few other ones up to $300. Long story short, out of all of them, the 1more Quad Driver impressed me the most to the point that I believed the 1more Quad was approaching the 846. I engaged in a discussion with a person on MD about this comparison. I ended up buying my 2nd SE846 to do A/B.

    After extensive comparison, my conclusion is that the current Chinese IEMs present great quality, options for the $ and have improved so much since 2014. Sooner rather than later, they will be on the same playing field as the big boys and girls, but as of now no sub $300 IEMs will destroy the 846 so let's not even mention sub $100, shall we?

    Find me one sub $300 that's better than the 846, I will be glad to try it out. In mean time, don't stir up a pot you are not ready to get burnt by.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  5. csglinux
    Here's my vote for a <$300 IEM:


    The FLC8s has at least 36 different tuning configurations and really small comfortable earbuds. It has three separate tuning plugs for ultra-low frequency, low frequency and mids/highs. Some of the tuning configurations can sound a little bright. It doesn't isolate as well as the SE846 and its mid-range is a little more recessed, but it's nicely resolving because of its extra treble reach and its sub-bass is almost exactly on par with the SE846 + blue filters. And BTW, at sensible volume levels, you really do want much, much more than +0.5 dB in the low-end: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fletcher–Munson_curves

    The reason these are dropping in price now is FLC is about to release the FLC8d, FLC8n, FLC9 and Celeste. These new models are a bit of a mystery, because information from FLC is really sparse. But from what I've gathered, FLC8d is a fixed-tuning (red-grey-gold) version of the 8s. FLC8n is supposedly an improved version of the FLC8s with a newer armature, FLC9 will supposedly sound better still, but at a higher price and no tunable bass (although the sub-bass will still be tunable). (But curiously, FLC9 is only a single armature IEM?) Celeste will be their new flagship IEM, which is tuned by dials on the IEM and on the cable, 108 sound signatures and a tunable soundstage. I don't know enough about these yet to know how what kind of improvement they'll actually be over the FLC8s, but in the meantime, you can pick up the 8s at a bargain price. It has some really ingenious engineering in it:
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  6. koiloco
    @csglinux thx for your recommendation. I would definitely try that one out. This time around, there are so much more quality options to choose from. It's fun going up the ladder slowly and enjoy good quality IEMs without breaking the bank.
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  7. Amsterdam
    I bought the black version also at the same store.. Se846-K-A date 2017/11/19 serial number ending with 059
  8. Angertobi
    Puuh , looks e-infin is ok. I‘m still not SHURE:) if i can buy. Other ebay store einfachgutde(china) and the item is from france.have it for 555euros. Contact this one what region version this store sell.
  9. m4rkw
    I can almost promise you none of them are legit. The only way they are legit headphones is if the stock was stolen. It’s simple economics, if they are making profit selling at those prices they were not sourced from legitimate outlets.
  10. m4rkw
    Ok so 550 euro or £500 sounds like a bargain at first glance, but ask yourself do you really want to spend that kind of money on something with no manufacturer warranty, probably not even a retailer warranty (for which if they’ll even honour it you have to pay shipping to china, wait 6-8 weeks and who knows what they’ll do to them) and no service options with Shure if they ever break. If you sent them to Shure chances are they’ll just destroy them and be perfectly entitled to do so if they are counterfeit or stolen. IMO even at that price and even if the sound is comparable you’re still getting conned.
  11. msp
    I also have a black version from the same store, if they are not the real thing I am supprised, they have all the paperwork, they sound fantastic the have hiss on some amps, eg the low impedance.

    I am cynically person, so it could be that when you call up Shure and aske them they will say its fake as it is not in their interest to have someone selling their products to a lower price than the Shure sales network.

    Where I live there are some shops that do parallel import and sell products below the normal price, it could be the same thing.

    Br. Morten
  12. m4rkw
    I don’t think that argument holds up when the retail price in China is still $1100, see my link in a previous post. As I’ve said a few times now a Shure rep confirmed to me on the phone that £500 is below their own wholesale price. It’s just not possible for them to be grey imports unless the person I spoke to was either lying or mistaken, but she sounded pretty knowledgable to me and I don’t think any Shure rep would lie on the phone as that could damage their brand more than anything else. If you want to talk to her PM me and i’ll give you her phone number.
  13. SubMash
    Certainly they are fake. It's probably those that sold for 50$ on taobao.
  14. m4rkw
    Given how many people on here were impressed by the sound, I doubt this is true.
  15. SubMash
    I don't even doubt that people are not good at measurements. Moreover, I told you - cost of production is low. Its a clone that sounds OK and that is enough. I doubt that people can even hear the difference, but most never ever compared original and what they bought.

    You can keep hoping that somebody stealing massively from factory warehouse, but I can promise to you - with such price per unit security and accounting there is top notch.

    I feel sorry for you, guys. But if you can't afford to purchase overpriced stuff from 100% legit shops - you shouldn't be doing it, because now you overpaid 10x for fake stuff.

    I didn't checked if Shure has security code for genuine check. If not - they wanted this to happen. No excuse.

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