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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. ZappaMan
  2. csglinux
    I've often wondered about these magical "calibration microphones" that you're going to use to confirm your 90% hype figure (presumably by measuring the SE846's phase errors, THN+D, lack of extension at either end of the spectrum, dips or resonant peaks in the frequency response, etc.). Here's a simple mod to massively enhance your SE846: use a heat gun to help pry open your SE846 shells and replace the four drivers and the laser-welded low-pass filter with your microphone. Here's a YouTube video I made showing the steps:

    Voila! You've just cracked the sub-$50 market with an IEM that will cannibalize (<- please replace with the correct word from the Oxford English dictionary, because my grasp of the language is obviously lacking) all other headphone sales and eventually collapse headfi to a single thread on the SubMash IEM. BTW, I hereby relinquish any and all intellectual property rights claims over your new IEM and I rescind any prior offers to be your business partner. I think at this stage, I'd just be holding you back :wink:

    Ok, here's some friendy, non-sarcastic advice as a fellow headfi member. All products have their weaknesses. Jumping on a thread and saying "it sucks" just makes you look like a Russian troll-farm bot. It's worse than distasteful - it's inflammatory and it helps no-one.

    The SE846 sucks? Ok, can you tell us (politely) how it sucks? Its sound sucks? Ok, in what specific way? There are $100 IEMs that sound better? Ok, which ones? (BTW, most folks on this thread know of the 1More triple driver, so that comparison doesn't exactly strengthen your argument. Likewise, most people on this thread know of the SE535 and its anemic sub-bass.) As for IF's measurements, I suggest (as do IF themselves) that you take these with a pinch of salt. Do you know what the errors on their rig were? Because IF don't. Check out the HD800S thread. Jude's recent measurements have cast significant doubt on some of their reported distortion measurements: www.head-fi.org/threads/sennheiser-hd800-s-impressions-thread-read-first-post-for-summary.795365/page-188#post-13943526

    I'm sure we would all be genuinely interested in a <$100 IEM that sounds better than the SE846. I'm regularly testing out any and all new IEMs, even if they are only another iteration on the standard DA, BA, multi-BA, hybrid DA/BA tech, all of whose drivers come from the exact same sources (Knowles and Sonion). If such an <$100 IEM existed, do you really think the folks on this thread wouldn't know about it? I understand your insinuation that we're all suckers that have fallen for confirmation bias and price-hype, but I think if you spend a bit more time with the SE846 filter mods and look at the different effects you can get from eartips and/or custom shells, you might begin to see that your comments are not only demeaning, but more importantly - way off-base.
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  3. m4rkw
    Shure told me otherwise. PM me if you want a phone number for the person I spoke with.

    They are actively working to shut down e-infin for counterfeiting.
  4. ZappaMan
    very interesting.....
  5. SubMash
    My comments are just not for a right crowd. I came to the church and said I don't believe in God. No wonder there is a butthurt fest starts in the heart of every proud owner.

    Let me just correct you on few points that you imagined I said. I didn't said they suck or you suck. I said that guys with a reasonable budget should sleep fine without them.

    846 weaknesses are known. Their ability to keep square waves compare to 535 speaks for itself. Calibration mics with own curves are quite good at phase and FR test, but they suck at making sound.

    Certainly, presence of IF is another asspain for hi-end manufacturers and bloggers. But, you see, I'm not a believer. I also don't warm up cables.

    At the same time I'm aware where am I, so I will slowly crawl back from this topic, because facts don't matter here and quality is measured by # of likes or medals of listener. And guys from IF who made high quality methodical measurements of 1400 headphones are not valued at all.

    Ah, and btw, anemic subbass of 535 is +0.5dB, I guess and true bass is +10dB of 846. Right...
  6. Angertobi
    Hy zappaman

    Need a favor from you

    Can you confirm your serial number to shure ? If you get a positive or negative feedback , please let me know . Which model ending have you?

    Se846-cl-..... efs or chn or a ?
  7. ZappaMan
    i will, but where is the serial number?
  8. Angertobi
    On the package box
  9. m4rkw
    Also check if two people on here who bought them have the same serial no
  10. ZappaMan
    thanks i'll email now and keep you posted.
  11. ZappaMan
    mine end in 289.
  12. ZappaMan
    i have SE846-k-a, dated 2017/10/29
  13. Angertobi
    Good hint
    Ok the black america model.

    E-infin have only clear model.

    Let me now after easter weekend if you get a response from shure
  14. fritz1234
    Well personally, as an SE846 owner, I don't mind (at this point :D ) the criticism. Just do the tests and come back and show us. We need more tests, just out of curiosity. And yes Shure sucks for charging 1k for something that is probably worth $50. But we pay crazy prices to try to get the best we can. It's pathetic :D

    One other thing. You may have a defective headphone. I had a SE846 that was defective and had to return it. It sounded normal, but wasn't. Just a heads up :)
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  15. ZappaMan
    we have the same date, i also have the black version, which they were selling previously.

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