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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. Skudo
    Huge thanks and hat tips to whoever made using Knowles dampers with the 846 popular and especially to @Quadfather for coming up with an easy way to affix the dampers in the nozzle [1]. I've been re-enjoying my 846s a lot during the last few weeks since I got my brown Knowles dampers in the mail.

    If someone in Europe is interested in a pair of brown dampers, feel free to hit me up. I have a couple left, because I was worried of breaking some whilst trying to get them in place. First come first serve.

    Edit: All dampers gone. Sorry, folks!

    [1] https://www.head-fi.org/threads/shure-se846-impressions-thread.675219/page-1225#post-13860501
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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  2. moedawg140 Contributor
    Which reminds me: if you can, try to go to L.A., to attend CanJam SoCal, @Quadfather ! Would be nice to meet you during that time! I’m sure @csglinux would like to meet you as well!
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  3. FactoryStock
    Hm, OTOH, woke up this morning and something just happened to 'click' while on my daily commute. They sound OK now, minus the low-mids warmth that I'm used to. Starting to get that very, very slight 'edge' to trebles with my modded blues. Still, I might visit the store on Sat just to make sure. I'll be experimenting with cables to enlarge the headspace somewhat. Looks like I have to change my handle as I go the aftermarket route... factory stock, my left cheek. :sweat_smile:

    <offtopic>I might need a new 'big dongle', my E17K gets kinda hissy. Plus these 8s are draining the battery like a mother. 3-4 times a week now, compared to only twice with the Havis. Dacamp L1 looks pretty enticing, but that 2.2ohms O.I. doe, that's twice the E17k's.

    Hm. Looks like I still got to wait and hope.
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  4. cirodts
    Hi, I have an AR M2 as a reader and I would be interested in if 846, between these and the sennheiser hd800 that difference c is in sound quality?
  5. spark plugs.
    I'm not sure this applies to you but...

    Yesterday, I noticed my se846 lost all is bass and oomph.

    After playing with them a bit, I realized the nozzle and collar had become loose. I had to tighten it and ensure there was no space between the collar and shell and that it was properly seated. There's a specific way to put the nozzle in first. I learned this after closely following the instructions in the manual.

    After doing this, they sound like heaven again. I almost lost my mind when they didn't sound good!
  6. Stranger Than Fiction
    @cirodts: You’re looking at an apples vs oranges, imperial stout vs the sort of cognac with a similar price tag to the HD800s, Asics Gel vs Doc Martins comparison. Which is a long-winded way of stating both the Shure SE846s are two very different headphones with very different applications. One is an IEM perfect for portable use, the other is a ginormous open-back mother of a thing that requires a serious and equally proportioned source.

    Unless you mean the IE800, in which case uyou’re now comparing pink lady vs Fuji, Courage imperial stout vs Founders imperial stout, you get the idea.

    There is an updated version of the IE800. I know that much but not much more. Prior to owning the Shure SE846 I had the original IE800 for nearly six months.

    There is a lot to like about the IE800 but a lot I couldn’t get on with as wellt. The ergonomics, or lack thereof. The Y-split sits right under the chin (I’m not exactly small but YMMV). The lack of a good seal, especially when walking, thanks to five (!) choices of proprietary silicone tips. I’m an Apple user, and thst’s enough propriatary-ism for two lifetimes thanks. Silicone is all you get.

    And beware if you’re caught in a sudden downpour as I was. Once water gets into those twin exhaust looky things it won’t come out for at least a few days. That was thevwater that broke the camel’s back in the fonish. Back to Jaben Audio Melbourne where I was, mercifully, able to swap them for the Shures.

    The IE800s’ sound was at the time a revelation. Bass went deep and it pumped. Highs extended beautifully and were lush. At the time I was listening to a bit of death metal and could often hear the vocalist’s tonsils rattling - twas a long time ago but I think I recall vocals being quite special.

    But they lacked body and fullness - again if memory serves me correctly. Soundstage was, as is typical of Sennheiser, as wide as Australia is big. But in terms of body and overall effect it just seemed a bit too airy for my tastes. Kind of like going up to the bar, ordering a Belgian strong dark ale and immediatrly regretting it when the much more full-bodied English barleywine was what I really wanted.

    So once the exchange was done (and it’s worth noting I probably would have gone with the 846s if I had the chance to audition them alongside the IE800s but their release was delayed). The 846s wowed me with their sensible but sharp design and that bass ! From memory the IE800s went low, real low, but without the same authority. Midrange seemed nice and neutral and treble, soundstage, everything else seemed so perfect to my ears. A more mellow, relaxed presentation than the IE800s for lack of a better word. Very good detail retention too.

    Hope this helps!
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  7. Slim1970
    Some of the same things you were hearing in the IE800's I heard too, which is why I eventually parted ways with them and kept my SE846's. The SE846's get even better with a balanced cable. I took the balanced cable from my FiiO F9 Pro's and used it on the SE846's and I was thoroughly impressed with the sound.
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  8. cirodts
    Thanks for the explanation, I have an AR M2 listening thrash metal and I wanted an important headset like the HD800, but I read that with the metal can be too bright and then I thought the se846 that costs the same so I asked in sound quality if it was similar to hd800 .
  9. Stranger Than Fiction
    @cirodts: Ah okay.

    The Shures are definitely adept at handling metal with aplomb. Listen to Machine Head’s live recording of Davidian as found on the limited edition Burn My Eyes album or Triptykon and you’ll see exactly what I mean. :)

    Guitars resonate menacingly, drums have real impact and although vocals are a tad recessed with other genres they sound just right.

    To get the most out of the 846s upgrading from the stock cable is recommended as well. You get a small but significant boost in clarity and a little more treble extension. If you like your sound to be not too bright these are definitely recommended. Oh, there is also the option of three filters (blue - neutral, black - deep, white - bright) and countless modifications thereof as well.

    Are there any specialist audio stores you can visit where auditions are allowed?
  10. cirodts
    Unfortunately there are no places to listen to the 846, but I can take it from amazon and if I do not like making the return, I listen to night and the 846 would be really comfortable ..... "listening to livemetallica"
    Excuse me, in your opinion the 846 in terms of audio quality to which full size headset can be compared?
    I ask this question because 900 euros is quite a considerable amount.
  11. Stranger Than Fiction
    You might be able to find them cheaper second hand. :)

    I don’t know of a comparable on-ears/over-ears model I’m afraid.
  12. FactoryStock
    Now this is just plain weird, guys. When I got them new they sounded meh. I had to keep boosting the bass and treble and I was still not happy as they don't sound like the store's own. Sounded so congested and fuddymuddy.

    Now I'm back to 0 for both and they're sublime. I can hear room sounds now, just like the Havis. Not sure what's happening here...

    Whaat...the..? :no_mouth:
  13. spark plugs.
    Recommended cables?
  14. Stranger Than Fiction
    @spark plugs: I iuse the Headphonelounge copper occ litz.
  15. cirodts
    ACCORDING TO YOU A Acoustic Research M2 with integrated class A amplifier will have difficulty in piloting the 846 with only 9 hom, the 846 and too sensitive for the AR?

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