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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. spark plugs.
    is there anyone that has used a Mojo and a dragonfly red with their SE846? i have both, but i'm a bit torn on which i like more. what's your thoughts?
  2. lesale08
  3. moedawg140
    Sounds good - here’s hoping you own a legit Blue SE846!
  4. lesale08
    I hope so too. Got this for $100 with the shure ios cable only.
  5. moedawg140
    You only paid $100 for a Blue SE846?! :neutral_face:
  6. lesale08
    B4207AF5-F1EA-4369-80E2-4D36CE4CA545.jpeg E0E7D0C4-4653-4A5D-8AC4-85BB3FE71521.jpeg 60190645-5972-4D6E-AED2-8E1EBBE6A073.jpeg
  7. lesale08
    Yeah I found it on our local buy and sell facebook group. Was posted initially for $300 but I was able to get it for $100. Only came with the iem and shure ios cable with blue filters.
  8. moedawg140
    I’m not sure - for $100, it may very well be a counterfeit Blue SE846 you purchased. Will you be able to comparatively listen to another SE846 to more or less confirm they both sound the same?
  9. lesale08
    Based from memory they do sound like the previous 846 that I tried before.

    But we will be doing side by side comparison on our next audio meet to confirm if they are legit.
  10. moedawg140
    It may be worth your time to go to an airport to try out the SE846; listen to both and hope to goodness they both sound the same:

    https://www.inmotionstores.com/ (if you live in the U.S.)
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2018
  11. lesale08
    The seller was not an audiophile since he did not post it in our local audio groups.

    But we will do the test to confirm if I got a legit one.
  12. moedawg140
    Very interesting. Looking forward to finding out if your Blue SE846 is truly legit.
  13. lesale08
    I'm from Philippines. No chance to try it at airports anytime sooner. But we do have lots of 846 users here.
  14. lesale08
    625F1A12-BCB3-4F07-B41A-69D1F1E2C337.png Are there also reported fake shure ios cable? This is what it came with.
  15. moedawg140
    For sure. Ingat (take care)

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