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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. phthora
    Okay, let me see if I have the math correct:
    That would mean 0.4 ohm to and 0.4 ohm from for a total of 0.8 ohm, about 0.4 ohm higher than the current cable. Add to that the output impedance of the amp, in my case 1ohm. So 1.4ohm for the total damping? Yikes. That means a 2db dip at 5khz.
  2. ThomasHK

    The original cable is also 0.4 Ohm one way so they're the same. No different in frequency response.
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  3. AllenShrz
    wrong thread.
  4. Quadfather
    Spinfit tips are great!
  5. Mr Makarov

    IE800´s tips are awesome!
  6. Mr-Nice
    What are those dampers and what do they do?
    Where can I buy them from
    Why is the brown the best one, and do other offer in sound signature
  7. Samuel777
    you can find more information here : http://www.head-fi.org/t/675219/shure-se846-impressions-thread/15675#post_12733921
  8. zolom
    What is the method to fit ie800 tips to the se846?

  9. Darren Cotter
    It's in post 17294 of this thread.
  10. Roen

  11. Monstieur
    I ordered the Sony MUC-M2BT1 from Amazon Japan. This seems to be the best Bluetooth solution for the SE846. I hope the output impedance is low enough not to affect the SE846. I'll post back when I receive it.
  12. DancingBlue
    There's also a dedicated thread for filter mods: http://www.head-fi.org/t/802350/se846-filter-mod
  13. Quadfather
    I absolutely love the Questyle QP1R with my SE 846s. No hiss at all.
  14. paulgc
    Just got my SE846 with Moon-Audio Silver Dragon IEM Cable. Paired with a Chord Mojo & Audioquest DFR.. Picking the right tips (like any in ear) is crucial. Moon-Audio customer service was excellent. Overnight from Cary, NC to my door in Toronto!  $ but great first impression.
  15. speedyd718
    Been using my 846's for a little while now. Driving them with a JDS C5D on low gain. Typically have to listen with the bass boost on to match my low end need. However, they just some to fall a little short on the highs. Currently using the white filter, have also used stock blue, and modded blue. Any thoughts on where to turn?

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