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Shure SE535LTD breaking-in?

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  1. Gorf

    I just bought the SE535LTD earphones. Should they be broken-in?
  2. yong_shun
    Yes. Just plug it into a source and run it for 100 to 200 hours. You will find a significant difference.
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  3. Gorf
    Thanks, I will do that. Pink noise ok?
  4. yong_shun
    Why pink noise?
    I always use Hotel California
  5. Gorf
    Dunno, I think someone on here mentioned pink noise when I was breaking in my SRH1840 headphones.

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  6. JamesCanada
    Don’t take this the bad way, but there as A LOT of counterfeit 535LTD’s on the market.
    If you ever bought them from someone you are not 100% sure is a supplier , be weary .
  7. Brooko Contributor
    No, No, No

    And don't take it from me - take it from the guys who made the IEMs, and measure and monitor them with professional gear.

    Link - http://www.shure.com/americas/support/find-an-answer/burning-in-earphones-or-breaking-in-earphones

    Please produce data to back-up your assertion .......
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  8. Gorf
    Thanks for the tip. I bought these from Amazon uk the company - not a 3rd party seller. Is there any way I can check that they're real?
  9. JamesCanada
    Yes, simply contact Shure
  10. Gorf
    OK, I have contacted Shure.
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  11. Dulalala
    Agreed, however, while this isn't a justification for his answer, I can understand why he would have such a notation. Almost every headphone shop in Singapore (at least that I've been too) has encouraged burn in. Besides, burn in doesn't harm the headphone if done "properly" so if it makes them feel like the headphones sounds better, well I have no qualms with that. Even if it doesn't make it physically better, is it really not better if percieved better?
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Personally I'd rather demystify audio and encourage fact. I mean look at the first answer he got - 100 to 200 hours burn in and "significant difference". All that gets is 2 weeks without actually listening to the earphone., and no audible difference at all.

    • Fact - speakers "break-in". they have a "spider" around the outer, which is flexible, and actually wears - this can create measurable sonic change
    • Fact - BA drivers do not have this spider mechanism - therefore cannot break-in
    • Fact - the vast majority of dynamic IEMS and full sized headphones don't have this spider either
    • Fact actual measurement tests of headphones after 100s of hours break-in show virtually no differences, and none that would be perceived as "significant".
    Now lets look at what does show a measurable and clearly audible difference.
    • On IEMs > different tips, different insertion depth and different angle of insertion
    • On full sized headphones => pad wear/compression, different position on the head
    We can also get into amplification etc

    But again - lets not perpetuate a myth. I'm all for people doing what makes them happy. But when the misinformed start quoting myth to someone who is generally asking for help, I'd hope that most people on here would help set the record straight.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    OH - and for the record I owned the SE535 Ltd from new. So also speaking from experience. They do not need burn-in.
  14. Dulalala
    I agree, new members shouldn't be subjected to being misinformed but in my experience, members who have a firm opinion on breaking in tend to stand firm on it while newer members if subjected to both sides should be able to make their own decisions. Generally I believe a better welcoming statement to newer members is warnings about placebo and snake oil as "breaking in" isn't the only thing they should look out for.
  15. Gorf
    Thanks for the help & advice guys. I won't bother with the break-in.

    I'm currently testing the sound differences the SE535LTD against my headphones. PC, PC plus Mojo, iPhone, iPhone + Mojo. I am finding with the PC/Mojo that the SE535LTDs are MUCH louder than my SRH1840s. This is a touch inconvenient to be honest. However the earphones weren't bought for at home, they were bought for out & about. So I'm currently testing the iPhone/Plex with & without the Mojo. I hope to eventually get the Cowon P2 as my mobile source, but at the moment, the iPhone has to be it.

    I listen mostly to Pro Rock (Frost, Arena, Kino, It Bites, Kim Seviour, Touchstone) & I'm trying to decide on a reference track. With the SE535LTDs through the PC/Mojo from Ogg files, I did find a harmony that I've never noticed before. I'm very pleased about that.
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