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Shure SE535 or Etymotic ER4xr, sr or?

  1. cjoh242
    Got $500 to spend on a iem and I’m looking at the Shure SE535, ety er4xr and sr or whatever you may recommend for a $500 iem. Thanks
  2. yong_shun
    May I know what kind of sound signature you prefer?
  3. Toom
    Shure vs Ety? Too funny.
  4. cjoh242
    Yong, I like a V shaped sound, a bassfilled and bright signature. I listen to rock, metal, punk and rap. I love clarity and punchy bass. Not boomy bass or crunchy treble.

    Hey toom, troll often?
    If your going to make a comment make one that’s worth something. Like telling me your recommendation on a 500 dollar Iem if you don’t agree with mine or are you just trying to get your post count up to get your next badge?
  5. alshit
    I think you will like JVC FD01 from what you have described.
  6. toranku
    Second this recommendation totally. V-shaped sound: forward midbass and bright. I dont hear much distortion on the lower end with them either. I dont think they have much subbass extension. Need to test them again...
  7. yong_shun
    To recommend a V-shape kind of sound signature might be a little challenging for me because I am a balance sound signature lover. However, you can have an audition on SONY XDP-N3AP. The bass is deep and punchy yet well controlled. It does not bleed to the mid. The mid is slightly recessed for me. High is well extended but not sparkle.
  8. Peddler
    The Shure's and the Etymotic's are kinda like chalk and cheese. Both have their qualities but you may find the Shure's too dull at the top end and the Ety's too bright. 1More Quad iem's may be the answer (and give you plenty of spends left for something else like a pair of wireless headphones or a pair of full sized Sennheiser's.
    One thing is for sure - you have plenty of excellent choices with the budget you have
  9. willryu
    I have both (SE535 and ER4XR). It depends on what you using them for.

    ER4XR: cables are microphonic, impedance is higher than than the SE535 (45 Ohm vs 36 Ohm), a little less sensitive than the SE535. So I use them only at my desk with an amp.

    SE535: very comfortable secure fit with low microphonics, relatively easy to drive. I use these when commuting, gym, running, etc. They are my everyday knock around IEMs.

    Frankly I enjoy the SQ from both IEMs. Both of these IEMs are classics for a reason. They also are made by companies that have been in this business a long time. I know that Shure IEMs have fallen out of favor in this forum lately, especially since there are so many more competitors at every price point. However, the SE535 sound signature if very enjoyable to me on a wide variety of music. No need to pick an IEM for EDM vs an IEM for jazz, etc. They are "good" for everything IMHO.

    The ER4XR still amaze me in their mid range to upper-mid range clarity. They are a very transparent, clean, and "accurate" sounding IEM. I don't listen to them much these days because I switching to the UERRs when listening in similar circumstances.
  10. Audiophonicalistic
    Spot on. I have shure 535 and what impressed me most are vocals especially female. So awesome. But yes top end is a little rolled off which personally I dont mind. What are you pairing with?
  11. willryu
    If I'm in the gym or walking to work, I still use iPods (nano or touch). If I'm traveling and would like better SQ and/or want to listen to high-bit high-sample rate music, I use a older Sony DAP (NW-A35). If I'm at my desk I have a PH series Sony DAC/AMP.

    With the SE535, I'm on the edge on feeling like I need to upgrade my audio sources. I have A/B'd a lot of sources against the Sony A35, and to be honest, while I can hear differences between the Sony DAP and the Chord Mojo, Hugo2, etc. I never feel like the Sony A35 sounds so inferior that I need to upgrade on the spot. I always leave thinking that I can enjoy what I have. Maybe I'm just used to the Sony "S-Master HX" chip that they use to drive output and have grown to prefer that signature.

    I also have the UERR (Ultimate Ear Reference Remastered) CIEMs. They are a significant step up. However, I don't currently use them for walking around and in the gym. One major reason is that when I'm running or at the gym, I don't need the SQ beyond what I get from the SE535. They make my music sound great and this motivates me a lot in the gym. In any case, this is why I love the SE535. They are just right at that ceiling where I can use them as my knock-around, everyday, IEMs and not feel that I'm losing out on anything.
  12. Audiophonicalistic
    I use them in the gym and on long bike rides. They are solid and built to last.
  13. cjoh242
    Well I broke down and bought the se846 and so far I’m pretty happy. Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback
  14. fritz1234
    That's a good choice
    Last edited: May 21, 2018
  15. yong_shun
    SE846 is a pretty sensitive IEM which require low noise floor and good recording. It is similar to my Campfire Audio IEM. Good in picking up all the small details. Produce the most accurate presentation but a small hiss will kill the whole listening experience.

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