Shure Se530 vs. Shure Se420 vs. Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10
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I pm'd you a place that's a little cheaper, just realize that none of these dealers are "authorized" ..if that's a concern

can i have the website of that place as well?
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I would unreservedly recommend the TF10 over the SE530 based on sound signature alone. However, the SE530 is less fiddly to fit and provides better noise attenuation (so I guess that's two reservations about the TF10 right there). I haven't heard the SE420.
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I've had the chance to audition a pair of SE420s recently. One word pretty much sums up my listening experience: TUNNELISH. Yep, the sound was so tinny even with proper fit and isolation, and the music sounded as if every bit of its life was sucked out.

I've read a thread before here at HF where some SE420 users were praising the product for its mid-centric and balanced music presentation. However, I beg to differ to their impression as my experience (albeit brief) with these 'phones was anything but.
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Or because you miss out the better deal for the 530? Lol. Just kidding.

Anyway hairygorillaz did you remold your 420?

Nah. It was almost by bilnd faith that I got it. It was too long ago that I last heard both. But when I A/Bed with my friend 530, it was ok but on certain tracks, the bass was kinda overpowering.

The roll off that most people talk about doesn't bother me. I had an operation done when I was young and I can't hear high frequencies.

But yes, I have sent them for remoulding!
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I listened to both and other than ergonomics,i feel that you should get the tf.10
In addition you stand out wearing it and announce to the world that you have a top-tier iem.
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I tried the 420s a while ago, and hated the sq immediately after listening. However, I dont think it helped that I was listening to the 530's before the 420s, so I immediately noticed the decrease in sound quality.

Now, I've been trying them again exclusively, and I have to say, it's not a terrible product, it just doesnt have the immediate WOW factor that comes from the highs of the TF10's or the bass of the ie8's. I think that's just a Shure thing. The 530s were the same way with me in that they didnt present a huge wow factor. It doesnt mean they (or the 420s) have bad sound, I just personally had to give myself some time to appreciate the amazing mids on both products. I think the 530s & 420s sound pretty similar. The 530s just dig a bit deeper in the bass & treble, and has a wider soundstage. Mid quality is near the same.

One thing I have noticed with the 530s is that I experienced a bit more fatigue in the mids region on songs that had strong vocal emphasis. Almost like the singer was shouting at me (which gave me a slight presence of sibilance). The 420s are move laid back, smoother, and I dont seem to have that issue with them. In that way, I can definitely understand why some would prefer the 420s. With any Shure iem, I think the listener just needs to give some time to allow the unique characteristics to soak in. Once they do, both the 420s and 530s are quite clean, and very smooth.

The TF10's offer an immediately more exciting experience that smacks the listener in the face with impressive treble & bass (although the deepest bass seems absent), but, like many have confirmed, there is quite a hole in the mids. I personally enjoyed the treble & bass emphasis at first, but as I gave them more time, I started to notice the mids were nowhere near as smooth & present as the shures. Basically, they're all good iems, but I would say the TF10's seem to sound great at first, but degrade over time, while the shures tend to sound mediocre out of the box, but improve over time. Again, my personal experience only...
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jleewach does bring up a good view that I myself never realized but have experienced as well. Over time having both the SE530 and 10 Pro, I'm still being impressed by the 530 as I listen to other heaphones and IEMs, but with the 10 Pro, my interest and liking of them is declining.
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My experience is somewhat different. When I first tried the SE530 I was disappointed with its performance. It lacked clarity and the highs weren't crisp. Although the mids had a liquid quality, they were too prominent in the mix. This was not a balanced sounding phone to my ears, but I persisted with it and became accustomed to its sound signature. The SE530 was okay and it did provide excellent noise attenuation.

I later bought the IE8, which impressed me much more and still does. Yes, it's a bassy phone and the bass presentation is lacking in definition, but the highs have great extension; they are soft in presentation yet detailed. The midrange is there but it's not too forward. The soundstage is large for an earphone, and the sound signature exemplifies what I really enjoy about dynamic driver phones; it sounds "natural" and it's engaging.

I eventually satisfied my long time curiosity about the UM3X and was underwhelmed by its performance. Unlike many who have heard both the UM3X and the SE530, I much preferred the latter. The TF10 purchase was a backlash against my disappointing UM3X experience. I had previously steered away from the TF10 because of its reputation for problematic fit and sharp highs.

It turned out to be a revelation to my ears. It had well extended and detailed highs that were not at all sharp. The mids were recessed but not absent. The bass presentation was superior to the aforementioned phones including the much vaunted SE530 to my ears, and it had better clarity, instrument separation and a more spacious presentation. It also reminds me of dynamic driver phones in some respects.

I rarely listen to the SE530 except when I need sound isolation, but I recently did some extensive comparisons between it, the IE8 and the TF10. This only served to confirm what I already knew. I prefer the sound signatures of both the TF10 and IE8 over the SE530 by a considerable margin. And the TF10 continues to be my go to phone.
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I owned both, E500/SE530 and TF10. To be honest I prefered the sound signature of the TF10 over the Shures. They have a more balanced sound and more treble.
Meanwhile I play in the custom league. So at the end it doesn't matter what you choose, upgraditis will guide you the way to custom models anyhow.
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Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule /img/forum/go_quote.gif
jleewach does bring up a good view that I myself never realized but have experienced as well. Over time having both the SE530 and 10 Pro, I'm still being impressed by the 530 as I listen to other heaphones and IEMs, but with the 10 Pro, my interest and liking of them is declining.

You're just bored.

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