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Shure SE425 alternative?

  1. dlegendkiller
    Hello everyone. Thanks for giving this thread a visit.

    So I am currently in the Philippines and was disappointed to find out that Shure SE425 is not available here.
    Haven't really demo'd it personally but I've heard a lot of good things about it. My references are listed at the bottom of my post.

    Getting to my point: I'm looking for Shure SE425 alternative with the same price range, that is under $350.
    In our local stores, the following are available with their converted SRP in USD:

    • Audio Technical LS200is - $317
    • Periodic Audio Be - $302
    • RHA T20 - $298
    • QDC Neptune - $221
    • Shure SE315 - $201
    • Shure SE215 - $111

    I'm looking for the following characteristics:
    • Great comfort (
    • Great mids, just enough high, and decent bass
    • Wide Soundstage
    • Noise isolation is a plus

    I currently have the following as my office setup:
    • BD Amiron Home
    • iFi iDSD micro Black Label
    And my travel buddy Bose QC35.

    Lastly, I'll be using this as my daily driver - with my iPhone unfortunately :frowning2:

    Appreciate your responses. Thanks in advance!

    Recommendations for Shuer se425 :
    https://www.whathifi.com/best-buys/headphones/best-in-ear-headphones (under 200 tab)
    https://www.whathifi.com/rha/t20/review (verdict section)
  2. serman005
    Can you order from Campfire Audio? I think an Orion might suit you quite nicely.
  3. dlegendkiller
    Hi. There is Orion Cerakote edition here but costs 388 without the cable I think. Unless I am mistaken. And the cable costs about $200. Does it come with a cable?
  4. serman005
    Yes, the Campfire Orion comes with cable.
  5. theveterans
    I recommend the Campfire Comet instead of Orion for its cheaper price and better resistance against wear and tear. It's available in Egghead Audiohub Mandaluyong City locally for 11.5K Php.
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  6. dlegendkiller
    Yep, my bad. It comes with the cable. I'm gonna demo this one tomorrow! Thanks for the suggestion.

    Nice to see a fellow Filipino here. Thanks for the suggestion. Aside from its build and price, do the Orion and Comet differ much in terms of sound quality? I'm definitely testing this together with the orion for comparison.
  7. theveterans
    We Filipinos are mostly incognito here hehe. I am much more active in our local HEEP group than here though.

    Anyways, Orion is more "technical" of the two with more emphasis on mids and treble clarity while Comet OTOH has a mild V shape signature that makes it sound more fun and surprising. Comet also has better instrument presence thus making the sound bigger than it should compared to Orion's more neutral sound. I would give the detail and resolution to Orion, but preference sometimes takes precedence than technicalities which is what I prefer at this price point.

    Same goes to upper mid-fi to TOTL for me where a lot of TOTL IEMs such as Samba, U18Tzar, Noble Encore are more detailed, articulate, etc than my Andromeda yet I still prefer Andromeda's more "engaging" tuning.

    Even though I haven't heard the 425, it's known for its neutral/studio like sound so maybe you would actually prefer Orion over Comet as your replacement.
  8. dlegendkiller
    That Andromeda is one expensive IEM! I hope I get to have the opportunity of listening to something like that one day! :)
    I'm currently listening to my Amiron and looking at its reviews and find out its characteristics so I get to have the IEM that is close to its sound.
    One thing I like the most is the wide soundstage as listening to live music is my favorite, it feels as if you're actually there watching them perform.
    Also, I am in communication with a fellow Filipino who's looking to sell his Orion + Effect Audio Eros II for $373 converted. I might get his for the value if I like what I'm about to hear tomorrow at Egghead :)
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  9. Oscar-HiFi
    See if you can demo the Oriveti New Primacy, it's excellent :D
  10. dlegendkiller
    I guess it's my lucky day today. That is available for demo :)
  11. dlegendkiller
    Hello everyone.

    I went on and bought Campfire Audio Comet with Effect Audio Eros II.
    I'm planning to buy Hiby R3 with it but it's currently unavailable for demo. :frowning2:

    Thanks for chipping in guys!
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  12. theveterans
    Congrats sir!
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