shure se215 vs custom UE headphones
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Apr 13, 2009
Hello folks,
So I had a pair of custom UE Triple Fi Pros (reshelled) and used them for 5 years. Then they broke (the stem), so I replaced them with Shure SE 215 special editions and am really enjoying the sound, but its not quite as detailed or as comfortable as I'm used to. So I'm going to buy a pair of Ultimate Ears custom monitors. Build quality is important, and I really like the proprietary cable UE uses so thats why im going with them. I had bad experiences with the old UE/Westone/JH audio connector.  I enjoy bass, so the obvious choice would be the UE 11 or UE 18, but I don't want to spend that much! 
How is the bass of the UE 5 and the UE 7 compared to the se215 ? I think the amount of punch the se215 has is good, but I would like it to be more detailed. 

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