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Shure SE215 or UE 600s (superFi. 5vi)?

  1. enclavebob
    I need some help deciding between these headphones. I can get both of these for the same price but needed some advice. I'm not really crazy about bass but i just want it to be there, and noise isolation is quite important for me. The thing that bothers me about the SE215 is that i have to wear it around my ear, and that doesn't really seems all that attractive to me. Any help on this would be nice. 
  2. cifani090
    Would you go used? What is your price range?
  3. enclavebob
    rather not go used, and i have about $100 CDN to spend, but i can pick these up at my local best buy which i prefer over the internet
  4. cifani090
    I'd get the Shure's if i were you. You'd get more per $ if you went used, but thats your choice.

  5. DougofTheAbaci
    I agree with Cifani090. These days I'm looking harder at Shure than I am Ultimate Ears. While their custom monitors still look like they're really amazing quality I've gotten really worried with how Logitech has made UE start selling some really low-end IEMs. Plus, Shure headphone cables are user-replacable and if you've ever lost a pair of $100+ headphones because of a bogus cable you know just how great that can be.
  6. cifani090

    x2, i lean more towards JH than UE. There is just not the ma and pa feel, that i like. UE is a big company and i like to support smaller ones whenever possible.
  7. dweaver
    The 215 very nice and over ear doesn't really look that bad. If using Bestbuy I believe they have return policy if not check out London Drugs who does. LD also carry Etymotic if you find you don't like the 215.
  8. evulfuson
    I'm also trying to decide between SE215's and UE 600's. My main concern is, what would be the main differences in sound moving from a dynamic driver (SE 215) to a single driver BA (600)?
  9. mark2410 Contributor
    the 215 is rich and bassy the sf5vi is dry and crispy up top.  both isolate well though.
  10. evulfuson
    I bought the SE215's last night. The sound is rich and bassy, and they're great with rock, metal and pop. However, I was disappointed with how they sounded on classical. It just felt like there was a veil to the sound, and the whole range sounded recessed and distant.

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