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Shure SE215 Audio Bleed

  1. raylilly04
    So the short version of my issue is audio bleed. We converted our sound system at my church to digital. My hearing is a bit "special" for lack of a better term in that when I hear a song, I'm able to come up with harmonies off the top of my head. My problem has always been I'm hearing all the instruments in the band loudly in my headphones, despite them being dialed out of my channel. My worship minister suggest purchasing the Shure SE215, that that should take care of the audio bleed issue.
    My problem is that despite doing everything correctly, I'm still picking up audio bleed off of everyone else's microphones. If it helps, the digital mixer we're using is the Allen and Heath GLD-112.
    Does anyone have any advice on what could be done to clear up the audio bleed?

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