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shure se102 VS shure se115 VS senn mm50?

  1. tmac1131
    i need these iem for my iphone
    tnx in advance
  2. tmac1131
  3. cifani090
  4. tmac1131
  5. cifani090

  6. tmac1131
    i need some help u guys!
    which iem to choose
  7. mark2410 Contributor
    you can still buy the 102?
    also what criteria are you using?
  8. tmac1131


    the 115's are better than 102, dont they?
    and what criteria?
  9. mark2410 Contributor
    no idea, not heard either of them.  it just struck me as a peculiar selection of 3.  btw the mm50 i believe is just a phone version of the CX300.
    by criteria i mean what do you want from it, bassy, middy, isolation, etc etc

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