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Shure SE 535 with Balanced and Bluetooth cables For Sale or Trade

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Tex Irie, Feb 27, 2018.
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  1. Tex Irie
    For Sale or Trade
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Best offer:
    I have a pair of Shure SE535 IEMs available with a Surf Cables 2.5mm TRRS terminated balanced MMCX cable, 3.5mm MMCX standard cable, your choice of a Shure or Westone MMCX bluetooth cable. If you want to trade for it PM me.
  2. eboch
    Have any pictures? Interested to buy.
  3. Tex Irie
    Yes, I can post some in about 30 minutes. Will that suffice?
  4. faultfracture
    Pm sent
  5. faultfracture
    Just to clarify, it was not my intention to take this item from anyone. The seller and I had discussed a possible trade Friday that I was considering that I've now decided to proceed with, sorry to anyone interested.
  6. Tex Irie
    Trade Pending
  7. Tex Irie
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