Shure SE 535 - Custom Ear molds in Canada
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Jan 14, 2006
I have a pair of Shure SE 535s which I have really enjoyed for the last 4 years, almost 5.  
Today I noticed that the case on one of them has come apart slightly.  It kind of looks like these are glued together and the glue has let go.  I don't think it's actually broken.  Before I start messing around with glue in an attempt to fix them, I am interested in looking at custom mold options. 
I've been thinking about getting a custom molded IEM for a long time and I was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations for a reputable place, preferably in Canada, but at least ships to Canada who would make custom molds for Shure SE535s if I sent them my headphones, I presume they don't even use the plastic cases and just put the drivers and cable connectors in a custom case made from your ear impressions, any clarification on this would be great for guys here who have experience with this.
I came across these guys but the 10-12 week wait they talk about worries me a bit and "adding drivers"?  That's just weird to me.
Any feedback etc. on this would be greatly appreciated.  All info I usually come across is directed toward the US audience it seems.

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