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Shure SE 215 vs Etymotic Research HF3/ HF 5 vs Boss IE2

  1. joe24
    I bought eterna 4 months ago.. but they somehow stopped working since last 2 weeks and nobody from bugden audio has replied for warranty problem. So, I am left with no choice to buy a new one. First, does anybody have similar kind of problem ??... Please let me know , so i do not b uy a new one..
    If i am going to buy a new one, I am in dilemma between these two..
    Shure SE215 due to dynamic driver and etymotic research HF3 ( IPod/Iphone control) or Hf5 for sound quality? how about Boss IE2? is it good also??
    Which one is good to buy.. i dont want to spend more than 130 for headphone.. Also, let me know if any thing else is also good for this range.. I do not like westones.... 
    Is there any aprticular difference between hf3 and hf5 other than ipod control?? . 
  2. dweaver
    I have the SE215 and also the Bose IE2. The Bose is very open backed resulting in almost no isolation. So if you want to hear everything around you they are OK. The SE215 is on the opposite scale being very isolating. Musically speaking the Se215 is a long ways ahead of the Bose with deeper more controlled bass, smooth mids, and a slightly subdued but never fatiguing treble. Neither have great detail but the Se215 is very musical to my ears.

    The good news if your in the US or Canada is these both can be bought from physical stores to make warranty easier.

    Sorry I have no experience with Etymotic products so others will have to help there.
  3. joe24
    Thanks a lot for reply... I am not going to buy Bose one... Might go with etymotic due to sound quality...  still not sure abt it.. any suggestion any body??
  4. tinyman392


    It does come down to a sound signature preference.  I can't really say much about the Shures as I haven't heard them.  All I know about them is that they are more of a bass focused signature.  Look above for more information as I haven't heard them.
    The Etymotics on the other hand are a treble/mid focused signature.  They quality is top notch though, if you don't mind the neutral (slightly below neutral) bass.  The treble extends and is bright (not overly bright; just bright).  The mids are detailed and clear.  The Etymotics have a really nice detailed signature to them.  They currently run around 100 dollars from Amazon.
  5. ZARIM
    The Etymotic HF5 are highely recommended because sound quality alone worth the price and they seal tighter in the ear to blackout external noise. These are very detailed in midrange (clear vocals) and has extended highs with good bass response. The other IEMs in this price range are also recommended like EX600, EX510, GR07.
  6. Chris_Himself
    Etymotic can come off as really boring until you get used to it and you try to listen to music from a car stereo. It takes time to appreciate. The HF5 will blow away most IEM's in terms of detail if you can listen for it though.
    Shure SE215 is a really good robust sound, bass is very impactful.
    Bose is poop.
  7. planx
    Own and love both the SE215 and HF5. Both are on relatively opposite ends of the spectrum in my opinion. The SE215 are fun, full, bassy, warm. HF5 are precise, attention to detail, clear, bass recessed BUT NOT INVISIBLE, and they sound sort of "professional" to me. Personally i like the HF5 more just because i like my music to be clear and precise. Also brainwavz b2 and the audeo PFE are VERY strong contenders as well. Absolutely love the fit in the PFE
  8. Chris_Himself


    Summed it up perfectly and I also share his preference for Ety's over Shure SE's these days
  9. planx
    So technically if you pay more, you get what you pay for in this occasion
  10. Merck
    I purchased the Etymotic HF3 yesterday just so I could see how well they sounded and the sound is amazingly detailed.  Unfortunately my budget is a bit tight at the moment so I returned them but I will be purchasing a pair once I sell my old iphone.  Also if you use an iphone then the buttons work great for it.  I have never owned any Shure products but I have a Klipsch Image S4i that is my current IEM of choice, until I get the HF3 anyway.  So if bass is not the primary focus of importance in your music then the Etymotic might be the better choice.  Good luck in your choice.
  11. tinyman392


    Where did you purchase from?  If you didn't purchase from Amazon, they have them for about 110 (or 100 for the HF2 if you don't need volume control). 
  12. Merck
    I found them at Best Buy incredibly overpriced ($172). I definitely want the iPhone control feature but I am just torn between the crystal clear mids and highs of the Ety's and the lack of more defined bass. If there was just a little bit more emphasis on the lower spectrum these phones would be perfect. I have been reading about the Shure's lately. Do they even come close the the clarity of the HF3?
  13. Chris_Himself
    To put it bluntly the "proper" option would be the Ety's. If you get used to the lack of immediate bass over time you'll be able to hear more of your music in the days to come. The Shure will pretty much be what it is for the remainder of your ownership. That combined with the fit, isolation, and the iphone remote capability makes it a solid buy
  14. Merck


    I'm quite certain that the HF3 will be in my future, at least until I win the lottery and buy some JH16 Pros.  Does Shure make a mix pack of the olives by any chance?  I'm not completely sure which size I am but I think I'm a large.  Thanks for your help by the way, your opinion is valued.
  15. Chris_Himself
    Yeah of course they do, they send free tips too if you're nice about it. It's the basic "sample pack" including the cleaning tool.

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