Shure SCL2 Problem?
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Jul 22, 2008
Hi, I just got these as replacements for my E2C's and after about 5 hrs of listening I noticed that on most songs, the right side vocals are more prominent. The right side just seems more boomy also, I tried all ear pieces and made sure the seal was good with tests. It is kind of annoying to hear the vocals leaning towards one side. One example is with the song by AFI - 37mm, I can hear the vocals so much more on the right side. Anyone else have this song and can test it with their high powered IEM's? Maybe it is just the way the song was recorded. I am thinking of selling them or returning them to Shure and getting the OSP EU-4's. Anyone ever heard these? Are they anygood? They seem to have good range but read a thread here about them in which someone had theirs break in a few days. This is my first post, Thank You.

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