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Shure, revisited

  1. jjb3
    Years ago I had some Shure E4cs and returned them promptly for lack of bass and that tinny sound dreaded by bassheads. I purchased some UE SuperFi5EBs and never looked back. Until I progressed from the EBs to Westone 3s, and now find myself longing for more clarity. So, I just ordered a set of Shure SE535s with renewed hopes of finding something that I missed when I had the E4cs. I am hopeful that my matured sense of bass presence coupled with the higher-end IEM will let me enjoy the Shure sound, but still worry that I will be disappointed. I listen to mostly rap. Does anyone have any words of encouragement as I try them out?
  2. calipilot227
    The SE535 is definitely not an earphone I would recommend for rap. It has less  bass than the Westone 3. I think you will be happier with the IE8 (I heard it about a year ago, but I have a pair arriving in the next couple of days).
  3. jjb3
    Just got the 535s and they are amazing for rap. I needed more clarity than the 8s offer. Thanks for the input. 
  4. obzilla

    I second this. I don't listen to much rap in particular, but some.
    535s are super clear (no pun) and deliver plenty of bass. They also fit me 100 times better than the IE8s.

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