Shure or Ultimate Ears
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Feb 26, 2009
I have really never been one for In Ear headphones and have always owned Over Ear or Over Head headphones, but this time I have changed my miind slightly because I know there are plenty of good headphones out there. I at one stage was planning to buy a pair of Bose In Ear headphones but declined because there was other good brands such as Shure, Ultimate Ears, Westone, Etymology and many more.

I am now deciding the decision between Shure and Ultimate Ears.

What I am looking for:

1. Something with a warm rich sound
2. Nice bass but not overly too bassy where it drowns out other sounds
3. Clean treble
4. Comfort

Shures I'm considering:


Ultimate Ears:

Superfi 3
Metro Fi 200
Superfi 4

Others I also might consider:

Koss Sparkplugs
Sennheiser CX300
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You should change to SE115 for Shure and 170/220 for UE. Latest versions that are getting good reviews. SF3, SF4, and SE110 do not have a warm rich sound.
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Originally Posted by emann /img/forum/go_quote.gif
And your reason for not considering the UE 700's is???

When you say UE 700's what model are you refering to Metro Fi or Super Fi ?
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The 700's are $230 US dollars. Everything else mentioned is around $100 US or less; maybe $$ is the reason they are not an option. The OP is in Austrailia, Marcus of headphonic( says they might not carry them due to Logitech distribution messing things up. Even soundearphones canceled pre-orders due to the same thing and took them down off their site. So, the OP getting them in Australia and with warranty is unlikely in the near future. Not being available is a good reason.
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Shure's make me want to sit and analyze music. UE's makes me get up out of my seat and enjoy the music!
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To my ears, the UE 3 with impedence adapter sounds a lot like what you describe (the added impedence makes a big difference with every source I've tried).

The bass takes some getting used to. It's not boomy, but it's pretty punchy so it sounds strong. There's some pretty significant roll-off in the very low end. You'll probably end up liking it as long as you give it time and don't expect the kind of bass you get from full-size headphones.

This is a good starting point for in-ears. I started noticing that these aren't as detailed as they could be, but it's a minor point, especially if they're your first set.

Finally, you may want to look at the Altec Lansing UHP336 if they're available down in Australia. These are rebranded 3, and most people believe they sound identical. They're considerably cheaper.

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