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Shure KSE1500 Review - Shure KSE1500 Sound Isolating Electrostatic Earphones

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  1. Piotr Michalak
    Would love to see measurement of that!
    Dont have that skill and tools too
  3. csglinux
    It would also be interesting to know if that's generic or just some unit variance between those two particular models.

    @TYATYA - were you using the same earbuds in those tests and just swapping the amp units? Did you SPL match?
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  4. Student_Driver

    I had given these to my son for Christmas a few years back. He broke it and did not keep the tip. Photo attached.

    Parenthetically, my J&H Laylas shown also have a problem with the connection. My next job is to email them. Have been that way since I bought them years ago but had been working and too busy. Have more time now. There’s also a pair of HD 800s which need a cable and some Audez which have been broken since new.

    Been using my Audez LCDs and did not really miss the others. M

    Have a lot of work to do. But it’ll be great to get these working.
    NeutronMp on Sp1000ss (trick installation) as source.
    Eartip and earbud are the only one.
    The difference I heard will relate to the amp unit, when swapping the amps.
    Earpiece of 1500 was lost. The one I use now is belonging to 1200 (we know that it is common use for both model *).
    I want to swap the earpiece but couldn't.

    Some factors :
    - life of 2 amp is not the same some years. Is there any burn in or wear out in time...
    - variance of units on a same model

    (*) not relation, but earpiece visually is slightly change and also softer wire. There seems to have a net covering the core. I didnt find it on lost unit. 20190719_023446.jpg
  6. csglinux
    I think I see now why Shure wanted to replace the cable. They probably need to replace the earbuds and everything they're attached and sealed to. I don't think superglue can help if you've lost the tip. You *could* put these in a Sensaphonics custom shell, but I guarantee that with a large large chunk of plastic missing, it will change the sound, above and beyond the sound changes you'll already get from extending the bore lengths with the SCS. I would pay to get them fixed :frowning2: On the plus side though - you're a kind Dad :)

    Both are possibilities. I agree with @Piotr Michalak - it would be good to see SPL-matched measurements of both. And then, if there really are significant differences, across several models to rule out variances in one or both of your units. Any volunteers for that undertaking? :wink:
  7. bosiemoncrieff
    Kse1500 are serving me well on my European tour - though I am wishing I had some multibit sound right about now
  8. Pentagonal
    I'm looking to buy the KSE1200 and am wondering what kind of 3.5mm - 3.5mm interconnects work well with them. I'm planning to use them with a Chord Mojo which already has somewhat of a warm output signature. I see that some others have used short ALO copper cables in the past and that seems like a safe bet. (Also, if you have a KSE1200 or interconnect to sell, please PM me!)
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  9. normie610
    Hi everyone, just have a quick question. Has anyone listened to 1200 using Cayin N8 tube output? If yes, what are the impressions?

  10. bosiemoncrieff
    Just bought the lightning to micro cable recommended a few pages back. My moon audio cable did not die, but it was lost on Virgin Atlantic. This is much more affordable.
  11. Chris Younkman
    I am using the Silver Dragon Portable Mini Cable V3,.5 ft, between Chord Hugo2 and KSE1500. Oyaide Rhodium Plated 3.5mm Angled Plug (Chord) to Oyaide Rhodium Plated 3.5mm Stereo Plug. Great results, better than my previous cable (see my earlier post / pic) as its a bit more open, more convenient to plug in 3.5 than RCA.
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  12. Pentagonal
    Thank you. I ended up buying a the KSE1200 today from a user on HeadFi! And a Cardas HPI 3.5mm interconnect. I also got some Comply professional tips and may plan to get the Sensaphonics custom fit tips soon. Should have them on Tuesday :)
  13. Tachikoma
    FWIW, I tried (orange) Sony MH755 tips on my KSE1500 and I think they sound pretty decent. They don't grip the nozzle very tightly (a positive, I think, since that reduces the risk of breaking the nozzle), but they aren't so loose that they'd get stuck in my ears.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
  14. bosiemoncrieff
    I guess you get what you pay for. The new cable stutters to the point of being unusable after two decent listening sessions. Back to moon I go
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