Shure KSE1500 Review - Shure KSE1500 Sound Isolating Electrostatic Earphones

  1. kubig123
    I use the encore for most of the time, and the KSE1500 have replaced my full size headphones. I found to cumbersome to travel with the KSE1500 + source, but the sound...

    Just heaven!
    I do belive your kse unit is fine. Lets focus on 1) your ipX and 2) the digital cable.
    If you dont know, manu user claim Apple ipX with noise issue event when doing normal taks of a smartphone : call, ringing, youtube....
    So try other ipX is not so meaning. It is best that you try previous ip version like ip6
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  3. Roscoeiii
    I'm much less sure it is fine. But yes, be looking at the display to see if your source is causing the 1500s to clip. Try other sources and cables. But maybe most importantly, GET OFF HEAD-FI and CALL SHURE.

    They are the experts on this product, we are not. And I imagine that they have a troubleshooting procedure in place for the products.
  4. Dorder
    So I finally got the kse1500 and I'm pretty amazed by the sound they are capable of producing. But is there any way to make them usable on a macbook pro via USB without the popping?
    Sorry if that has been addressed extensively before.
  5. plinth
    Funny you mention that, I just tried to listen through my iMac to the KSE1500 and had to stop because of all the popping. I connected it to my Chord Hugo 2 and then analogue out to the KSE1500 and no pops. I also get pops (much better though) straight from my iphoneX to the KSE so I have to use a Chord Mojo on the move. I do not know why the KSE1500 has all this noise and yet the Chords to not hear it. I thought that my device was faulty.
  6. Dorder
    Yeah, it is absolutely unbearable on the mac, whereas my iPhone 6s+ works fine with some occasional hiccups.
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  7. bmichels
    Since I have bought the Symbio "hybrid" Eartips (Silicons with foam inside) my eartips search is over !

    With the Symbio, sometime I even prefer to use my KSE1500 rather than my full size HE-X or TH900 ! (only my Stax SR009 + BHSE combo beat the SHURE .. by a marge margin ).

    I just had to use a small tube adapter to increase the diameter of the Shure to match the Symbio ( internal diameter "size N" )


    Here is Facebook' Symbio page: . I paid $ 20 including shipping for 4 pairs ($5 / pair)

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  8. kubig123
    Did you try to change the Input Pad setting on your KSE1500 to -20dB?
  9. plinth
    I am at -10dB but that only affects the analogue line in; for digital via USB it is disabled. My problems are all on the digital input
  10. TYATYA
    Off topic but there's some similar situation to my amp hdvd800 when I bought it. Seller gave 2 unit which I open all their boxes and choose any. One of them works badly with my samsung note5 via usb, much pops n clicks. Remmain unit is ok, I bought it.
    About "bad" unit when try with other samsung smartphone it works flawless. My "good" unit works fine until I update drive for usb. Done!! Tons of pop !
    While other usb device work fine on it.
    Duno reason but it close to your case where we cant say what NG what Ok.

    That pair is not belong to each other, same as a couple may have trouble in making babies but after depart and then each of them has new gf or bf .... then baby comes => no mistake of any :D
  11. TYATYA
    Can you estimate the O.D size?
    Looks like there has foam inside silicon-like shell
  12. Profucius
    Hi all.

    I wonder if we could expect a potential improvement if we put a Mojo between the KSE and DX200 ?
  13. Roscoeiii
    I'd say it'll depend on whether you prefer the sound signature of one over the other...

    You're probably in the neighborhood of personal preference rather than better/worse.
  14. bmichels
    The Symbio W "wide bore" has bore diameter of 4.5mm
    The Symbio N "normal bore" has bore diameter 3.8mm

    there are 3 size for each version: S, N, L. I ordered booth N & L and finally use L

    And yes, it is silicon outside with foam inside

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  15. Profucius
    Thanks : Since I never tested it , i wondered if the improvement was rather objective or purely subjective.

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