Shure E2C vs. IM616 vs. IM716 vs. ???
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So im upgrading my IEMs from marshmallows to another sub 50 dollar IEM. So far I have narrowed down the choices to the Shure E2C, which I can get for 40 bucks refurbished, IM616, which I can get for 43, or the IM716 for 48. Many of you will probably say the IM716, but I am quite concerned about it not being loud enough. I will be using them at the gym and other noisy places so having enough volume is a concern. I am also open to any other suggestions. I will be using a Zune as the source.
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this is about the easiest either or I've seen...
the IM716 by a longshot amongst these...

the only drawback being that inline volume "pod" which hangs
and exacerbates the cord microphonics....

despite this drawback, I just secure the pod and enjoy em...

i've seen a thread here that details the pod removal, or "podectomy"
if you're handy with wire cutters and a solder iron, you could do it yourself
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I have not heard E2C-s, but from what I've read, they're no match for iM716. However, iM716 are quite microphonic, even after podectomy, so I dunno how good they would be using in the gym. They are loud enough on my Cowon D2, don't know Zune from that aspect.
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iM716s aren't microphonic if you clip their dongle (god that sounds erotic). Hell, I can jog with them in fine as long as they're snugly in my ear and the clip is secured well.

As for loudness, I'm using a iRiver H320 and I honestly cannot tell the difference between powering them straight from my PC and not. Definitely loud enough at 2/3 volume. Not sure what the Zune is like in terms of a source but if it's anything like the H320 then you'll be fine.

Oh, and if you do end up getting them, make sure you get some Shure olives tips for them. Massive improvement in comfort/fit, and feels like the base improved a tad too.
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the e2cs are as you guessed no match for the im716.
you should be able to get enough volume out of them especially if you de-pod them.
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I will be using them at the gym and other noisy places so having enough volume is a concern.

An iem is basically an earplug. Even without music playing, if you have a good seal any sound will be very muted. All you need is enough volume for normal listening plus a bit. My first concern would be getting a good fit, then reducing microphonics. The iM716 has plenty of volume out of an iPod for me. Another option might be an er-6i. They fit better (or at least I found the right tips sooner) than the iM716 for me.
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Originally Posted by shetyamout /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have the im716 deppodded with 68 ohms with the zune. It sound perfect with volume at 15.

why the high volume ?
what is that resistor for ?

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