Shure E2C frustration, cracking in wire around ear, options, help?
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Sep 13, 2004
Okay - so I like sure. I like them quite a bit. I have a pair of E2Cs that I use regularly. They were relatively cheap and the sound quality was decent. Not perfect, but for my use, they're all good.

HOWEVER I've gone through at least 5 of them. The wire has cracked in almost every single one, but I've got a new issue now.

I use my headphones when I'm alone and doing pretty much anything (cleaning, usually naked
Kidding! I'm always naked!) and I was always impressed with the build quality.

HOWEVER, I was cleaning them just the other day and felt what seemed like "residue" on the cable that goes over the ear.

I look closer, and bend it a bit, and see that there's cracking along the inside that goes over the top of my ear.

Now, I primarly operate with one earbud in, just because I need to hear for the phone and whatever, and when I do that I'm generally listening to podcasts, so the stereo sound isn't necessary. The right one, naturally, doesn't have this to the same degree, but there are signs.

It's not straight through to the wire, but I can see the "white" area underneath.

Now, I've been covered under warranty before, and probably would again... but frick, what is it with these headphones? I love them, I do... but ARGH!

Does anyone have advice as to what to do? Maybe I need a different brand? When I had my E5Cs they had an extra plastic cover over the wiring that goes over the ear, that would have been fantastic in these ones.... but are there models that have that?

I know I use them a lot, but ugh. It's not like I run them through a dishwasher

Now to post my issues with my cx300's!

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