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shure 440 vs shure 550 dj vs shure 240 vs grados sr60

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dooodstevenn, Dec 26, 2011.
  1. dooodstevenn
    What do you guys think of those four headphones? In no way do i need to monitor or edit music, i just want a set that i will enjoy with music, games, and movies.  i listen to a wide range from bassy dub step to high classical music. i'd like to think im pretty neutral when it comes to prefering bass to neutral sound, but i have to admit I like my bass, but i hate it when its over powering and gets boring.  so what of the four would you guys recommend for good highs, mids, and lows, but a bit more emphasis on the low/bass?
    ive read alot about the 440's and 550 dj and alot of people seem to like them, from what ive read the 550's have a pretty darn good bass, while keeping the mids and highs crisp and clean, people are pretty content with their 240's after break in, but i have a feeling it will disappoint me since im really picky.  i havent really found much on the sr60's but what i have found is that they arnt very comfy, and everything seems kind of "bright" as they tend to favor the higher frequencies? right now i can get these headphones at these prices:
    Shure 440 -65 slightly used////100 new
    shure 550 dj 100 new
    shure 240 60 new
    grados sr60- 60 slightly used///80 new
    im really trying to pinch my pennies here, what seems like the best deal for my needs, i can try the shure 240 and 550 dj but i would have to buy them and return them.  the 440's and sr60's arnt in any stores around here, and i dont want to deal with returning them by mail and what not.

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