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Shure 1540 vs Beyerdynamic t51i/t51p

  1. lofthanza
    I have had 3 headphones so far, the ath-m50, the dt-1350, the fidelio l1. Those were good enough for me before I auditioned the t51i yesterday. I was very impressed by the t51i that i now consider them a solid improvement over the other three ones. What i liked about them is that they have bigger and warm sound, excellent vocal presentation, and an overall smooth and clear sound. I kind of wished it had a bit more treble, but its treble is no deal breaker. Now i am thinking of going even bigger and better. I want a headphones that is an improvement or an upgarde in sound quality to the t51i, yet maintain the same fun sound signature, preferably with a bit more treble presence. I was thinking of the shure 1540. Will the 1540 fit the bill? Are they an upgrade in sound to the t51i? I am open to other suggestions.
    Thank you!
  2. The_Blood_Raven
    The SRH1540s, if anything, lack some treble. I don't know how they'd compare to the T51s, but neither have north of neutral treble and the t51s might even have a bit less than neutral treble. If you don't mind airy and a little less bass the w1000x might be an interesting choice.

    Have you ever tried any DT 990s? They might fit the bill well too.
  3. lofthanza
    I havent tried the DT 990s, and I am afraid they are too bright for my liking, but of course I dunno for sure.
  4. DocVS
    I too have been looking at the srh1540's. At this price point, to about $650, what are the best candidates? They should be closed back, and have a similar sound signature, with more treble presence.
  5. The_Blood_Raven

    Well from what I've heard the SRH1540s aren't terribly treble light and if you are sensitive to treble than they should be perfect.

    Best candidate? Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog if your okay with a modded product. They're pretty FotM from what I can see, which means overhyped on these forums. However, I'm sure they're at the top or are the top for that price range. Outside of that, the SRH1540s are damn good if you aren't a treble head and the w1000x is great if you like open and airy.

    I've listened to none of these, however I'm in the same boat for an upcoming upgrade so do your own research.
  6. DocVS
    I'm fairly treble sensitive, sounds like I've found my new headphones!
  7. chailee80
    I was having similar thoughts to the original poster so i've ordered a pair of srh1540s to see how they compare to my t51i's.
  8. Head1
    I have tried them side to side and thought they were both good. I preferred the SRH 1540 slightly because of the more spacious sound and for being more comfortable (on ears are sometimes not the best for glass wearers). I don't think it has any more treble than the T51 though and  I find it a bit dear.
    Actually for more treble, I would recommend the Fidelio L2 and it is more airy. Soundwise, you cannot confuse it for a closed headphone. OTOH it does leak some sound, both ways.
  9. chailee80
    Yeh really like the t51 for portable use but maximum comfort is definitely a high priority for home use. If the 1540 is anything like the se846 i'll be a happy chap.
  10. lofthanza
    I actually pulled the trigger on an open headphones instead. I thought to myself that i only had closed phones, why not try something totally different. I opted for the fidelio X2. It took me a few days to adjust to their open presentation. When i got used to them, they blew me away. These are the best headphones i hv ever heard. However, unlike the t51i, these X2s love amping.
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