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Shuoer impressions thread

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  1. opiumhum
    No issues with stock cable or drivers here, changed to a 2,5mm cable tho
  2. Mightygrey
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  3. Carlsan
    Nice review, looking forward to the pair I ordered.
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  4. DJ Core
    I have all three and prefer the Tape...even the BGVP DMG that many have forgotten is a better buy vs P1.DMG also gives you above-average sound stage + Depth while the T800 only gives you average wide sound field and not much depth. I love the T800 sound isolation the most. Tape just does everything well for me though.
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  5. chaotic_angel
    Helo, I am looking forward the shuoer compared to Final Audio E4000 both using stock cable, which one has better sound for rock & metal music. I am using Xduoo XD05 plus with Burson V5D
  6. Seazer
    I have no issues with mine, although my left mmcx seems slightly looser than the right. On my (insert banned seller here) 6 core cable, the left iems would spin freely. On the stock cable it is tighter and doesn't spin freely though, so I think a cable change helps that issue
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  7. mswift42
    I'm going to return my faulty one tomorrow.

    If Shuoer could guarantee that if I ordered a new one it would work flawlessly, I'd Immediately order a new one, because I really liked the sound of the tape.

    However, I'm probably going for either the LZ a6 or Moondrop Blessing. any recommendations are very welcome (or for any IEM with a similar sound to the tape).
  8. Valkyris
    The loose mmcx is mainly with the bad stock cable. If you use a replacement cable it'll fit better. Though my right side is still a bit looser but that seems to be the problem with mmcx itself. I believe tin t2/3 suffer from the same issue
  9. cn11
    Your excellent review just pushed me over the edge to order a pair as well. Jeez. Picking up another TRN BT20 wireless module for it too (MMCX). Should be a fun setup.
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  10. stormers
    Looking forward to your impression vs OH10 :)

    Btw, I'm selling TRN BT20S :) (shameless advertise)
  11. DJ Core
    Mine that has that left side volume drop issue has now worked flawlessly for three days straight. I took off the wax guard just to make sure the black filter didn't drop into the driver and all is well. But Temps have dropped here in Los Angeles,that's the only change I can point to. Still using the same DAPs.I will still return them at the end of the week.
  12. gazzington
    I'd order a tape but am weary of it braking due to the poor QC reports I've read
  13. Krassi
    I ordered it with amazon. so no risk.
    Sounds bloody amazing on E1DA 9038s..
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  14. logiatype
    Kind of feel like I returned these too early and for a silly reason (tips slipping off)...
  15. Seazer
    Try more tips, or tighter tips? Spinfit cp100 would be very tight for sure. Or some tips have a longer stem so you can push it down all the way down the nozzle. My symbio W peel tips go all the way down the nozzle and it definitely wont come off, I reccomend them as an alternative that fits well
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