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SHOZY Zero - Extreme Value Real Rosewood IEM's - Like New

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  1. foreverzer0
    For Sale
    1. Fully burned in at over 250+ hours (these need at least 200 hours of burn in to hit it's stride).
    2. See the praise over in it's dedicated thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/803785/shozy-zero-50-iems-with-real-rosewood-taking-on-the-500-big-boys


    1. SHOZY Zero is built with a full range Dynamic driver, SHOZY Zero delivers a soundstage of good depth and width, great clarity, wide frequency response and bass quality. A cylinder chamber is design for good acoustics.
    2. SHOZY Zero in-ear earphones use simple in-ear design, wearing comfortable. Earphone front shell is  precisely processed by lathe and CNC,it has a remarkable acoustic structure designed to allow normal speaker releasing excellent sound; the rear shell, splitting and the plug shell, and are using good quality red sandalwood, precision lathe processed, carefully selected (1500 sets of wooden shell can pick out only about 300 sets). Imported speaker driver, high-sensitivity low impedance, mobile phone can drive it easily, if play with the high-end players and decoding amp, sound quality increase significantly and clearly.
    3. SHOZY Zero not only possesses modern earphone elements but also the classical earphone’s taste, which is a rare in-ear earphone with modern elements and sense of hearing simultaneously.


    1. Sensitivity(at 1Khz) :94db
    2. Frequency response :20hz-18khz
    3. Input connector :3.5mm/1/8 inch gold-plated stereo TRS plug


    1. SHOZY Zero earphone
    2. Carrying case
    3. 3 pairs of silicone eartips
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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