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Shozy IEM impression/appreciation thread (in particular Pola owners)

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  1. cleg
    Well, Pola is somewhere in delivery process, so I suppose to get it in a pair of weeks, and BG, probably, a bit later :)
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  2. NLNH
    it shall be like this, but not according to scale of course :)
    that roll off on the other measurement is too far from our QC standard....

    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
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  3. TSAVAlan
    Just wrote some impressions the other day:

    Testing from my Questyle QP1R>Pola with stock tips M, medium gain on QP1R at 20-24, and playing few tracks.

    Punchy bass, doesn’t bleed into the mids, more mid bass than sub bass I am finding. The mids are well done, no weirdness or recession like I found on the Enigmacoustics Dharma headphones with a similar driver arrangement. Treble isn’t bright, even but detailed, not detecting any sibilance, big extension. Soundstage is average for an IEM, smaller than what I found in my UE18+ for reference. Sound signature I would describe as neutral/balanced.
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  4. lomenhk
    Tempted by the design of Neo CP and finally get myself a pair, I am confident that it can also deliver a certain good sound quality after reading the review here.

    Shozy Neo CP.jpg

    Beautifully hand-crafted. Resin-made makes the Neo CP with a high-end appearance (same material for CM) and it looks far better than those plastic-made earphone body.

    Not only with its beautiful appearance, its sound quality is exceptional and supreme. I have had Sony IER-M9 and listened for a month then comes to this. I found the Neo CP does not lose that much if compared with M9.

    High has excellent extension, smooth and not spiky. Very strong analytical soundstage and lots of instruments details revealed. Although deep bass is just moderate, it still has enough kick and power to enjoy. Overall soundstage is wide, clean with a bit tending to warm side, very detailed and with excellent treble extension.

    Definitely its price tag can reach far higher. Very high C/P value and I strongly recommend this.
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  5. FactoryStock
    How capable is the soundscape/space for these? Have they managed to fool you into removing them because some songs make you think there is a performance "outside the head"?

    Is the presentation largely confined inside the head, or can they have the occasional "out of head" instruments from your time with them so far?
  6. Ultrainferno
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  7. NLNH
    Guess it does... :wink:
  8. Ultrainferno
    A new Monday and a new giveaway. This week we're giving away two Universal IEMs from Shozy: The Shozy CP and BG. Now on Headfonia.com - Free & world wide entries accepted.

  9. cleg
    My video about Pola. They would definitely be a "love/hate" IEMs

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  10. cleg
  11. PaganDL

    As I mentioned already, I find the Pola very enjoyable.

    Keep up the good work !

    Hope you have a great day !
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  12. Ultrainferno
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  13. productred
    Loving the Pola. Tried it yesterday.........with my WM1A first 10 secs with the stock cable was not a nice experience. Switched to balance and turn up the volume to attain a normal sound pressure...........hm, have heard many iems that perform less than ideal at low level listening but the Pola was simply a MESS at any lower-than-normal levels. Once feeding it with proper power and the whole soundscape becomes clean and clear. Loved what I heard so handed over the cash. The darn thing hasn't been outta my ears since.

    Big bass, quite viscerous and responsive but not as fast as I thought a graphene driver could do. Not bleeding into the mids at all. Mids are detailed (intimate rather than transparent) and oh-so-yum creamy. No mid-hi peaks or bloat to make it sound artificially detailed. Highs got lots of air and extend well into no-man's land. Tons of overtones, a big revelation when listning to solo violin. No disturbing peaks, not sibilance. Well-suited to Jap vocals and animes and normal pop, rock and EDM. May lack some grit for metal.

    Guess burn in does matters for the big DD. On that now.
  14. PaganDL
    Hi @productred,

    Your initial impressions & observations are correct, Pola needs a certain voiume level as well as power to be driven properly.
    This is part due to the electrostatic tweeter driver as by nature, these type need more power than conventional drivers which Shozy also confirmed.
    The speed response has a lot to do with that electrostatic tweeter as well which is why it is paired with a graphene driver to balance it out otherwise it would take a lot more to drive.

    Often times, personally & subjectively, Sony DAPs don't play well with a lot of head gear which makes it hard tell sometimes but that's just me...
    So as long as you have a good source &/or good amp, it will change your experience quite significantly.

    As some final notes :
    Yes, burn in is important for making sure the Pola runs well.
    There is more than enough grit with metal listening with the Pola.

    Hope you have a great day !
  15. productred
    To me the Sony DAPs pairs with different types of head gears way better than AK offerings and Lotoo............it's probably down to taste, to me both Sony and AK has their own "flavour" and own tilt towards different interpretations of "high fidelity". I have basically shelved all AKs I got once I acquired my Sony, but that's just me. Lotoo is a class of its own, love them except the looks.

    Back to the Pola.........let's see how it turns out after some burn in. After around 10+ hours everything is becoming more coherent and natural. An uncanny feeling of realism that can't be explained in terms of technicality. World class extensions in terms of iems, but not the most detailed piece of gear, and definitely not the most expansive soundstage you'd ever heard - just close your eyes and you see the music, clean clear and organic. It's that kind of feeling.
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