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Shozy IEM impression/appreciation thread (in particular Pola owners)

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  1. audionewbi
    With the release of Pola, and the small grown fan base of Shozy owners who are scattered across all the various thread, I want to make a thread so all you guys out there can just post your impression here and make my life a lot easier.

    For now here is a pretty picture of Pola, no I don't own it, if you want to buy me one I'll happy post my impressions :D
    Price: 750 USD for Universal and 900 USD for custom.
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  2. NLNH
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  3. mochill
    Love shozy, but can't afford pola:frowning2:
  4. audionewbi
    I got the 5Ba, too cheap for 5 BA IEM. Going to compare it my current favourite, ACS emotion which is also 5 BA design.
  5. momo8023
  6. audionewbi
    Some unboxing pictures of 5 BA. I will post my impression in times. It is a fun sounding IEM, with an emphasis on bass, and a decent amount of treble presence. Built quality is much better than Shure SE535 and the like. I can see it sell as much as them. It fit as good as them. For 279 USD, it is a very well packaged and sounding IEM. I paid less(I always ask for discount, don't be shy).

    IMG_2647.JPG IMG_2648.JPG LRG_DSC00334.JPG LRG_DSC00336.JPG LRG_DSC00337.JPG
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
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  7. NLNH
    lol give it some run in and see how far it can stretch!
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  8. linux4ever
    Hopefully someone will post the initialimpressians on POLA soon. That shell color is quite good in the picture of OP.
  9. HansBarbarossa
    Hi my friends!
    I have only received this charm of Shozy CP 3BA! I will, listen, study and write a response.
    If it is very short, then this neutral well balanced sounding where each sound smooth as sea pebble. I like such approach to a sound.

    Some photos:

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  10. audionewbi
    The more and more I'm using 5BA the more I'm slowly its growing on me. it is the polar opposite of the ACS Emotion. I really like how it is tuned with vocal jazz recordings and classical music. Its so relaxing and the warmer tonality helps to give the classical music this nice bass reverb.
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  11. audionewbi
    The brothers finally meet, Shozy Alien Gold and 5Ba. I replaced the stock cable with Ortofon cable, which names I can't recall. I didn't like how the cable made the upper mid sound excited and gave a slight midbass boast. This cable fixes it all, to my ears.

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  12. audionewbi
    Some more update about 5BA. I swapped the stock cable to 4N Oyadie silver cable, which made the sound very clean, extended to both end, and very revealing. 5BA wants clean source, CLEAN! Very picky with poor sources, and hissing. It was a no go with HUGO. Best dap so far is onkyo dpx1. The layering, detail and imaging competes with likes of SE846. Initially I had it in the same group as UM50Pro, similar toanlity, but after my cable and tip swap (tip is shure olives btw), it is not sitting firmly next to SE846.

    Well done Shozy! Now bring Pola to massdrop so I can afford it.
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  13. NLNH
    lmao probably never
  14. HansBarbarossa
    I will try to translate the review from Russian into English. It is not sure that it will turn out very correctly, but, nevertheless, I tried to inform of sense of my poetic text in abbreviated form. ))

    Shozy CP 3BA: on the king-sun precepts

    "Constancy consists not in doing always same, and in that our affairs tended to the same purpose"
    Louis XIV

    Bonjour, friends! The well-aimed phrase of the king-sun which became the epigraph for today's review perfectly is suitable for the Shozy company which has the understanding of a sound and puts it in each developed model. At the same time it manages to do it in quite modest price framework.

    Quite recently Shozy presented at an exhibition three new models of intra channel earphones of which I now also will tell you about one. I ask to love and favor, Shozy CP 3BA!





    Frequency response :20hz-20khz


    Noise reduction:-25db

    3 crossover , 3 in one channel tube

    Bass use Knowles 22955 and custom mid treble driver

    Appearance, set and ergonomics

    Shozy CP 3BA are delivered in a small silvery box of cardboard on which center in stylistics of a graphic sketch two green letters of "CP" were placed. Inside there is a black rigid case on a lightning with imprinted ravines of a brand. We open a case, and we find our IEM with the removable cable attached to them and also a bag of a set of tips (3 couples silicone one-flange, as much two-flange, 2 couples of foam Comply and pair of replaceable metal filters for sound pipes).


    CP 3BA resemble IEM Shure se535 models which already became classics, and Westone UM3X superficially, only unlike them the building of CP 3BA is made of medical pitch (it is the same material which we met at NF3u earphones recently), and here sound pipes completely metal. Nozzles cover the filters with a protective grid. From above cases are placed sockets MMCX.


    The right earphone of transparent-pink color, left – transparent-blue, through them is looked through all internal device, drivers and the crossover. On outer sides of ears the gold Shozy logos were placed, belonging to the new range "NEO" and serial numbers are specified back.


    Weaved by the braid consisting of 4-core, the cable is made of the silvered copper. It elastic and nice (heading "poetry in one line"). On the one hand MMCX connectors of a cylindrical form, with another - 3.5 mm of a straight line of jack.


    Generally, in a set there is everything that is necessary, and addition there of some not especially necessary gadgets would only increase the cost of earphones.

    Pinkish and bluish droplets of earphones are similar to sweet lollipops, well or to Morfeus's pills from "Matrix". But it is not necessary to swallow of them anyway, and it is better to admire them much, and then to listen. We will also be engaged in it.


    Listening was carried out on: MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, QLS DA 9.1 Melokin, Lotoo paw Gold, iBasso DX200 (AMP7), iFI xDSD, iFI micro iDSD Black Lable, & QLS QA-361.
    With all devices CP 3BA proved to be perfectly.

    Just in case earphones underwent the semi-mystical procedure called Burn-in (approximately within 30 hours).


    CP 3BA sounding quite equal, nice balanced, comfortable, with great detail and good division of tools. Here two rises which fall on area of a mid-bass and a joint of the top mid/high frequencies are observed. But these accents are marked out intelligently so they do not lead to discomfort, and on the contrary do a sound more emotional and picturesque. On the contrary, the high-mids, voice parts, guitar solo, a bass are ground as sea pebble because of what the general frequency characteristic of CP3BA is perceived by very balanced.

    I recommend to find time for selection of tips as they considerably influence a final sound picture. Personally I most of all suited two options: complete foam Comply and SpinFit found in personal granaries silicone with a small exhaust outlet, reminding.


    This IEM please with extremely spacious manner of giving sound, drawing virtual space is wide also with soul. With study of depth it turned out more modest, I would tell, so-so, but for contrast transfer of images and the atmosphere of it completely enough. And it's good.

    CP3BA for 100% are ready to a style variety. They perfectly win back jazz, instrumental music, to the classic, the electronic, Rock, a New Wave and without confusion cope with heavy genres.


    Low frequencies have a good articulation, density and blow. The base of the register, a subbass, sounds frostily, but for the rest everything is decent. A bass quite biting and exact, it does not overload composition and does not climb on other frequency range, harmoniously moving level with the middle. The area of a mid-bass is accurately forced, bass parties move densely, slightly round, they exactly hold a rhythm and create a warm substrate for all picture in general.

    The Mids is smooth and expressive is the main fad of this IEM! She moves thoroughly, is very melodious and is alive, in a naturalistic and musical manner, here each tool or a voice part are transferred amazingly sincerely. And thanks to insignificant allocation of the high-mid string and a voice sound especially impressively.

    High frequencies are reproduced accurately and precisely, periodically gleaming a pleasant spark. They add to sounding of width of space and fresh air, giving all this in a comfortable manner. Here you are not tried to be struck with refined manners and not indulged distinguished afterturns, but in too all the time it is clean, distinctly and has no obvious flaws.


    For example Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson – Say Say Say

    The composition sounds linearly, is perfected and is amazingly musical.

    The blow is exact, hard, quantitatively there is not a lot of it, it goes approximately level with the middle. The bass which is well worked, roundish, fast and collected, it accurately fills composition with the shaking rhythmical basis, adding it depth.

    Keyboard stream smooth wavy chords, creating a substrate on which guitars with the funk riffs and delicate solo are weaved.

    And sweet-voiced nightingales sir Paul and Michael Jackson charm ears:

    «Say Say Say

    What you want

    But don't play games

    With my affection

    Take take take

    What you need

    But don't leave me

    With no direction..

    All alone

    I sit home by the phone…»

    And here bravura wind instruments are connected, sending our legs to dance. In my opinion, sound of pipes lacks fullness a little, "bodies" why their giving finds an easy raid of synthetics. But it is not critical at all.

    Earphones allow to take the maximum pleasure from the listened musical history, to appear in the center of a song duel of two great actors, to analyse every moment, to make out each note.
    Oh, and as they charmed me, having won back "So Bad" … It’s just fantastic!


    It should be noted that are quite choosy CP 3BA. If record of bad quality or is crookedly reduced then earphones will not sentimentalize, and ruthlessly all will take the bark off and smoothings.

    The bottom line

    Shozy CP 3BA – very interesting IEM in every respect. The quality of assembly and materials, design, ergonomics, a qualitative cable and, the main thing, a sound - everything is praiseworthy. Do not forget about selection of the correct tips, it is possible to be played with cables, and these ears will deliver you a lot of pleasure from favorite music.

    And now their bargaining chip - the price! The cost of Shozy CP 3BA at the time of writing of the review was $165. In my opinion, this generous offer which should use if you are in search of good earphones, but you do not want to devastate at the same time the purse for the sake of TOP models.

    Sound, design, ergonomics, good cable, price.

    Not at this price
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  15. audionewbi
    I honestly can't wait to finish my Edition 11 review to start my 5Ba review, and the edition 11 unit is a free unit and I paid for 5Ba, and I'm more excited to write about 5 Ba, tells you alot about how much I'm liking it.
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