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Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifiguy528, Dec 19, 2010.
  1. Rhino73
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  2. mrhero
  3. alphanumerix1
    very nice
  4. LoryWiv
    I notice the venerable Harrison's "Principles Of Internal Medicine" at left. I recommend classical music while reading.
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  5. richard51
    What is very interesting for me with all these photos are the forgotten basic laws of audio installation revealed on many of them:

    mechanical isolation, electromagnetic shielding and filtering, room treatment; without that any system is way under his audio delivering quality potential....Then I advise reading about that...I wish someone has said that to me 7 years ago...But now I know, and I dont plan any future upgrade....:ksc75smile: 7 years ago I would have been envious of some of the pricier gear in these photos...But a good system rightfully installed dissipate all upgrading rage...
  6. Redcarmoose
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  7. richard51
    I dont know this product...Perhaps a good idea to use it I dont know... But my homemade methods for now are so efficient ,I dont search for anything anymore, and I dont shield my audio room by the way but I treat each piece of my audio system and the electrical grid of my house...Perhaps this wall paper would be useful for shielding some audio pieces I dont know,and shielding a room with it is perhaps interesting...Do you have some experience with it?
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  8. Kukuk
    I remember lusting after the original Phonitor. At the time I was way too broke to even consider buying it. I might have to put the Phonitor back on my radar, though...
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  9. elira
    How do you do that?
  10. mrhero
    Thank you
  11. Redcarmoose
    No, only two paper wrapped power cords. But I think it’s a new field, especially now when you have products which are built in cases to block radio waves and electromagnetic waves. Probably 10 years ago it was not taken seriously, but now it is.

    My favorite edge science......

    In Bali sound waves/mental thought waves are used to change the ionic structure of water. In India they do it with milk. The ion changed water or milk causes the ions to rearange again when made in contact with the water in the human body, affecting the consciousness. Iv’e experienced the water for 10 years, though these ideas are at least 600 years old and probably way older.
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  12. basdek
    IMG_20181028_125552.jpg At my mom's! With a tesla t1 and my phone over aptx!
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  13. richard51
    I can explain to you privately... I had been bashed here many times with my experiments in my own thread and at last I closed it myself...People are generally not curious and dogmatics...Then I will explain to you only privately...When I came here 7 years ago I was very gullible and I was thinking that it was absolutely necessary to buy the last costly hyped audio gear to be satisfied musically...I was gullible indeed ...My few words here are only cues for those who are curious and think by themselves and inform themselves about some basic tweaks that are low cost and transform any ordinary listening with any products to an optimal one...For example I one day compare my under 200 bucks dac to three of the most costly one and famous one reviewed in a comparison here with the same cds that the reviewer use...I will not give any name by the way...And my conclusion if after reading the very clear and lenghtly description of the sound of these 3 dacs compared to mine was that my dac compare and reveals the details that the reviewer use to rank the best one of the three dacs...The reason for that is not only the design very good of my dac but I know for a fact the cleaning methods I installed in the last 2 years were by far the basic reason for that...My dac search is ended here.... Understand that I do not pretend that my gear was the best... No...By a long run... But understand that cleaning methods transform any piece of gear and put them on another level...Now I have music with my system , and there is for sure always better audio gear than mine but If you listen to music for the first time without much audible audio defects ,then you dont want to take the risk to compromise that and upgrade...The only for sure true upgrade for my actual systems will cost me at least 10,000 thousand dollars for all pieces...If you buy not the hyped new products but top of the line vintage products, and if you install them in a clean state, you have at last musical experience without doubts and no need to pay 10,000 bucks...And you dont are envious anymore at all...At last you listen music and you dont read here the threads in search for better, I already read these threads for years...End of game is possible for 1,000 dollars and this is my experience...

    Thank you very much for this reference.... Thank you for your open mind...I will remember that shielding paper, and when I had more money I will try it...I know for myself that what you report about water is indeed true,it is compatible with contemporary physics...:L3000::beerchug:

    I apologize for this rant and my derailing of the thread, I will silence myself now...
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  14. atbglenn
    My bedside system in its current configuration

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  15. mrhero
    Thank you for recommendation, I can't study while listening. My brain always choose the music.

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