Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

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  1. dobigstuff
    Headphone Station 2.jpg
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  2. mcgo

    Violectric V280 with HD800 Balanced.
    Old PS1 (5501) for spinning CDs. The off-brand IR remote works really well. Pop in a CD then press play!
  3. m8o
    This has been evolving for years. Spent many days over the last few weeks rearranging what equipment I include in the rack and where. When the Smyth A16 arrives, I know it's going to have to change again. lol, or should it be 'ugh'. Anyway, this is the latest.

    Some of my best and/or favorite headphones on the right (there are many more not pictured):

    [-] HiFiMan HE-1000
    [-] MrSpeakers Ether Flow C
    [-] Fostex TH-X00 (Massdrop exclusive)
    [-] Sennheiser HD-650

    Sources below the headphones:
    [-] Classé DVD-1
    [-] Arcam DV139

    Rack equipment top to bottom in current circulation is: (again, there is much more, lol)

    [-] Woo Audio WA-22 fully balanced amp
    [-] McIntosh MHA-100 50wpc amp & dac w/hp output via legendary autoformers
    [-] Perreaux TC2 (class-a bass/mid/treble tone control)
    [-] Perreaux TS2 (passive four source matrix switch, 2 source phono switch)
    [-] Fostex RM-1 (stereo rack monitor)
    [-] Rane HC-6S (6 hi power stereo [12-channel] headphone amp)
    [-] Aphex 124A line/balanced buffer & converter.
    [-] NAD M51 DAC (on Stereophile's Recommended list at the ultimate Class A+ level for several years)

    20171228_113830.jpg 20171228_113715.jpg
  4. llamaluv
    Love the inclusion of the Commodore 64 manual in the background! :beerchug:
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  5. mcgo
    Good catch! A lot of SID music has flowed through those headphones! I was stuck with emulation during the '90s and '00s before I finally acquired original hardware. Listening to the output of real chips is levels above -- for the first couple of years it would make me tear up! Imagine lossless with a perfect DAC. I have the ultimate setup now with both 6581R4AR and 8580 chips on a SIDFX card which produces pristine audio output. And with HVSC #68 loaded onto a SD card (50,000+ SIDs) there is plenty to listen to!
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  6. waveSounds
    Enter the SilverStone (SST-EBA01) stand.

    It is as solid as it looks.

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  7. llamaluv
    Huh! The thought would have never crossed my mind to approach old computer music from an 'audiophile' perspective. I have a great deal of nostalgia for the Amiga era in particular... Additionally, I've recently been thinking about dabbling with programmatic sound synthesis. So your reply gives me a lot to think about. Thanks!
  8. ohmicide
    That one's my second choice from the Woo Audio. Still a bit more than I'd like to spend on a stand but there doesn't seem to be anything else apart from the cheap ass Amazon ones.
  9. waveSounds
    @ohmicide I was in the same boat, man. This one's still ~$20 cheaper than the Woo stand; a saving's a saving, though, eh.
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  10. ohmicide
    @waveSounds Yeah the black SilverStone one is going for $66 on Amazon with free shipping which is around how much the Woo Audio one goes for used so it's definitely tempting! I was hoping to spend $50 max since it's just a friggin' stand but I rather be safe than sorry, specially since I have a dog with a big fluffy tail that knocks stuff over all the time.
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  11. waveSounds
    @ohmicide I wanted to spend £20 max, but the quality of stands going for that price were... questionable. Just couldn't bring myself to buy something that wasn't 'quality'. Well, if it's any consolation, this thing's made out of aluminium and weighs a lot more than I was expecting it to! Should be safe from fluffy tails, and in the event it does get knocked over, I'd be more worried about the headphones it's holding than the stand [​IMG]
  12. waveSounds
    For £18 this monitor riser has been the bargain of the century for my needs. It's as if it were designed to take the DM Source!


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  13. MickeyVee
    My system has been stable for the past four years or so. Just moved from the HD800 to the 'S', replaced the Sovtek stand with a Codia T1 so the pads don't compress and added a Teac PD-301 CD player with FM tuner. So, basically, have a mini-system on my home office desk. Not pictured are the McIntosh speakers and a paradigm 8" Sub under my desk.

    Not sure why the picture ins not showing.. it is attached :frowning2:
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  14. joseph69
    Congratulations on the 800S. Never understood why people use stands that compress their pads instead of letting them hang freely.
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  15. DJtheAudiophile
    Just scored a mint Apple - iPod Video 5th Generation (60GB) & Apple - iPod Hi-Fi. 108FE22C-AEAB-4AE8-B63B-511AD919D6B4.jpeg
    1005541F-EB8A-4ACF-B8F4-6FB120979515.jpeg 84CD7490-D591-4F10-BBE7-40DAB8171DA4.jpeg
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