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Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifiguy528, Dec 19, 2010.
  1. movax
    New stuff is in!
    Way bigger than I expected (that's what she said, I know)
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  2. winders
    You mean:
    That's NOT what she said.
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  3. stuck limo
    Laptop/Desktop > iFi iPurifier 2 > Geek Out 2A Infinity DAC > Schiit Valhalla 2 > Senn 600

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  4. Rhino73
    That warm valve glow.[​IMG] 
  5. Zeroblade
    Quite a mess right now since I have a number of new headphones/amps moving in and out lol.
  6. kottav
    Tidal Flac -> Oppo HA-1 -> LCD-3F 2016
    I love the way this setup sounds!
  7. abvolt
    Very nice gear so how do you like the 596 in your wa6 the reason I ask I just ordered one the other day for my wa22..enjoy
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  8. Badas

    Lol. I'm running a 596 in my WA22 right now.

    I wanted something completely different. So I ripped out the TAK274B and TSRP drivers.

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  9. dannybgoode
    A new addition today. Always liked the Rega sound and chanced across a mint Rega DAC (not the R) for a decent price so brought it home.

    Just lovely-much more weight and authority than the iDAC2 and so musical. 20170210_192905.jpg
  10. jjacq
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  11. Krutsch
    Still have my Rega DAC and love the sound, even though I've replaced it with a Bel Canto stack for my Head-Fi rig.
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  12. Androktasiai
    Schiit Jotunheim -> TH-x00, ATH-M50, Shure SE535, Tesla T1
  13. dannybgoode

    Nice aren't they?! I had a Rega Saturn before I had to sell my separates system which I loved dearly and it's great to have that sound back.

    Next up an amp uograde-something Bottlehead but not sure which yet.
  14. winders
    I am just starting out!
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  15. Townyj

    Dont need much more than your setup :) nice rig!

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