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Purple seems to be the IT color this year!

Not even in the same ballpark but for what I paid way back when these are still decent and dependable, kinda have that Darth Maul thing going with a touch of gold trim :wink: (I've often wondered if the DT was for Dee Throned):thinking:

Old Skool KZ.jpg

Actually listening to this on the 5K right now and they are still an outstanding (albeit on the heavy side) for their cost :grin:

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Yanyin Aladdin + Hisenior AS8 Autumn Sky modular cable (Silver-Copper alloy)
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As I'm about to try some Blur buds, I dug out an old set of Cowon buds that were supplied with a Cowon iAudio DAP from the early 2000s. I must say I'm impressed! Bass a bit lacking but nice tonality for ambient music, really nice detail and beautiful sense of space.

Some foam earpads on the way which I'm sure will help with bass too.

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Shanling M3x with Nanuk case.
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qdc Anole V3

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A bit of over kill....but hey, it sounds good :laughing:

OTL Iem.jpg
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A bit of over kill....but hey, it sounds good :laughing:

OTL Iem.jpg
Well it's only overkill if you actually blow them up :wink:

Jammin' with the Q5K & the Devil today :scream:

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