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Shout out to Moon Audio

  1. 26point2j
    I'm a super skeptical engineer and I know that cable construction above the basic physics of shielding shouldn't be a factor in audio presentation. I've done various blind (insert adjective here) testing of cables and there is (to quote Zeos) some "magic" in the Moon cables. Thoughts? Regardless, they are built like tanks.
  2. Hifiearspeakers
    Not mine. My Silver Dragon cable started cutting in and out after 3 months of use even though it was babied. It sounded great when it worked though.
  3. 26point2j
    What I hear is an "inner" focus of softness and an immediate accretion of transients.
  4. 26point2j
    Definitely a different experience than mine. I hope they immediately replaced it?
  5. 495045
    Mine, a black Dragon on HD700 didn't give what I expected ; it was quite unbalanced (they told me to choose the black one). I had a previous good experience with the silver one on an HD650. But I have no longer HD650. Does anyone knows if they have a service which would be changing plugs ? Forza has it and it is less expensive than loosing cables everytime we change the headphone.
  6. Audiophonicalistic
    I agree. Purchased for se535 to see if cables made a difference. I wanted to return it cause $200; plugged it in and woah instantly a believer. No way its a placebo it made my 535 and ak jr shine. Big fan. Mine is still solid about 9 months. I take it to the gym and on long bike rides. Did 45 miles yesterday on bike and hasnt cut out once.
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  7. 495045
    My silver was one of the first, it must be something like 5 years old and still in pristime condition. Their client service is really great, which I almost never say.
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  8. luckybaer
    JUST received Silver Dragon v3 cables as an upgrade to my ancient HD650. WOW! Better than anticipated. Veil lifted, clarity enhanced, bass not bloated. Pricey, but worth it. I'll baby them, so I hope I don't have any issues down the road. I'm thinking about upgrading the cables on my Massdrop x Focal Elex. Perhaps I can find something to smooth out the highs and be more ergonomically friendly than the cloth-covered, flat ribbon style cables.
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  9. luckybaer
    Head Fi'ers... I've been lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of better gear lately, and although new cartridges, turntable, headphone amp, DAC, etc. all were worthwhile improvements over their predecessors, my upgrade to Silver Dragon v3 headphone cables for my HD650 has been one of the most impressive upgrades I've experienced.

    Were the stock cables that bad? Are the Silver Dragon cables that good? A combination of both?

    Happy listener here, for sure!
  10. 26point2j
    Glad to hear that I'm not alone. :)
  11. 495045
    Well, their stock cable is $15-$20 for 3 meters so it can't be a great quality one. I amazing how both the HD 650 and HD 600 sound good with such a cable. Changing for a better cable gives a hudge improvment, and my humble opinion is that the Moon Gold works great with the HD650 and is still affordable.
  12. luckybaer
    I’ve been impressed at how quickly Drew responds to inquiries. I’ve bugged their help email 2 or 3 times in the last week, and response times are excellent. I like doing business with companies like that.
  13. blackdragon87
    I have a moon audio blue dragon cable from them for My HD600. Have had it for over 6 years with no issues. A very good upgrade over the stock HD 600 cable for sure.
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